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U.S. Wireless Online Inc., a fixed wireless broadband network operator, has made a three-year wholesale marketing agreement with CLEC Lightyear Network Solutions LLC. Lightyear will exclusively promote and sell U.S. Wireless Online’s broadband service to its business customers in U.S. Wireless Online’s network coverage area. The contract calls for Lightyear to sell a minimum of 1,000 business-class wireless broadband circuits during the first year of the agreement, a minimum of 2,500 during the second year, and a minimum of 4,000 during the third year.

VoIP wholesaler CommPartners has rolled out its long-awaited quote-generator tool for partners. The generator works best for enterprise clients and lets partners prepare professional-looking presentations, keep records, note margin opportunities, and more. The software guides users through the quote-generating process, ending in a clean, blackand- white format that partners can manipulate in Excel. CommPartners developed two versions of the final quotes: one goes to the client, displaying pricing and any discounts; the other shows the partner what he or she owes CommPartners, followed by the partner’s overall gross margins.

CallWave Inc., a provider of VoIP enhanced services, has partnered with PeoplePC, an ISP and subsidiary of EarthLink. Through CallWave’s ISP reseller program, PeoplePC now offers CallWave’s call-management application, Internet Call Waiting, to its more than 1 million members. CallWave created proprietary software that gives subscribers, such as PeoplePC’s, features including Internet Call Waiting Alert, which notifies users of incoming calls; Internet Call Waiting Messenger, which includes alerts and the ability to leave voice messages that can be played through computers; and Internet Call Waiting Connect, which includes the Messenger and Alert features.

AccessLine Communications Corp., a provider of hosted and managed voice services, has expanded its VoIP portfolio with its new VoIP Volume Service for business, available on a wholesale basis. The company says carriers are its primary target, but the product also can be sold to integrators or large enterprises needing bulk transport. AccessLine runs VoIP calls over its own network; VoIP Volume Service is available throughout North America for call origination/ termination both wholesale and direct.

Wholesale VoIP network operator PointOne Inc. is providing a portal for automated selection and automation of direct inward dial (DID) phone numbers to wholesale customers and distributors of its VoIP services. The service will eliminate the delays and cost of manual provisioning of DIDs, the company says, allowing for faster service integration, as well as support of all PointOne products that require DID assignment. Service providers will be able to use PointOne’s portal to acquire and activate phone numbers as needed. Automation reduces manual processes that delay service activation and frustrate customers waiting for phone service, PointOne says.

ServerBeach Ltd., a provider of selfmanaged hosting, is offering discounts up to 50 percent through its new, four-tier ServerBeach Reseller Program. The discounts apply to the company’s dedicated servers; ServerBeach also is waiving some of its setup charges. Resellers can combine their discounts with special reseller-only promotional campaigns on select server hardware, and they can receive an additional discount for prepaying for either six months or one year.

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