Rackspace Channel Chief: We Want to Go Deeper with Partners



… a private-cloud transformation story, a public-cloud offering, as well as security and application services. We really are one of the few partners out there who the partner can come to and say, “OK, my client needs a third-party cloud, I have a partner who can do that. If my client needs a private cloud, I have a partner who can do that. If my client needs managed colocation of some sort or security, or application services, I have a partner that can do that.” And it’s a much better experience versus having to manage multiple partners for your customer. And I think partners who are looking for that strong MSP out there to go and lead the conversation (are) really the ones who will get the best advantage and opportunity out of this program. It really is designed for partners who want to lead with Rackspace.

CP: Does the new program represent a change or evolution in Rackspace’s overall channel strategy?

LM: We’ve always been a company [that] cares about the customer and how we serve the customer, and I think the evolution we’re making is it’s not just a customer, it’s the partner as well. So moving forward it’s really caring about, day one, having the partnership conversation, working with the customer together and then partnering to support the customer [going forward] here at Rackspace. And that is an evolution. To bring the “fanatical experience” forward to make sure we are looking at this program from the lens of a partner is something that we’ll continue to push forward in making sure that we create a program that partners actually want to be a part of.

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