Qwest, CAIS Announce $69 Million Contract

Posted: 12/1999

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Qwest, CAIS Announce $69 Million Contract

Denver-based Qwest Communications International Inc. and Washington-based CAIS Internet
have announced a two-part deal worth $69 million to deliver high-speed Internet access to
new markets. CAIS awarded Qwest a $54 million contract for high-speed Internet capacity
and broadband Internet communications services. The agreement also calls for Qwest to
invest $15 million in CAIS to accelerate the Internet service provider’s (ISP’s) network
and high-speed multiuser technology.

CAIS also will purchase $44 million of capacity on Qwest’s fiber network, which
supercedes previous leasing agreements. The Qwest capacity will support the delivery of
CAIS network services to 35 points of presence (POPs) by the end of the year. CAIS also
has committed to purchase $10 million of Qwest’s communications services, such as
applications hosting, e-commerce and web hosting.

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