Que Pasa? Latinos Buying, Using More Telecom Services than Other Groups

The concept of marketing to ethnic groups is nothing new, but the increased adoption of telecom services by the Latino population should have solutions providers considering their approaches to that segment.

Research firm In-Stat, in its recent report, “Culture Shock: Trends in Ethnic Marketing,” says the number of Latino and Asian/Pacific Islander broadband subscribers is expected to leap by 2009 past the expected 40.4 million subscriptions anticipated by that year from the Caucasian population.

Reaching Latinos means shifting marketing efforts to better target cultural identity, language preferences and media choices, says research company visiongain. In-Stat agrees. Some ethnic groups react better to specific types of advertising and marketing, and are influenced by different sources,” says Amy Cravens, analyst for In-Stat. “In better understanding these differences, providers may be able to more fully realize the potential subscribership of what may be undersubscribing ethnic groups.”

Meanwhile, the third-annual AOL and Roper Latino Survey shows half of online U.S. Latinos now have broadband at home, an important finding for agents, consultants and others who are trying to reach new segments. The U.S. Latino Cyberstudy also indicates that 70 percent now view the Internet as the best source for comparing prices.

When it comes to whos using what online, most Latino Web surfers are younger users of the most cutting-edge features of the Internet as compared to the general online population, the survey says. For example, 56 percent of Latinos online are between the ages of 18 to 34, versus 34 percent for the general online population. “This study clearly reveals that Latino families see the Internet as a valuable tool that empowers them to lead better lives,” says Mark Lopez, publisher of AOL Latino. “Latino families have quickly realized that the Internet is a unique medium that can give their children advantages in life, let them stay connected with friends and family, be educated consumers, and find the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions.”

Furthermore, 67 percent of the respondents said they want Spanish content online and said they “pay more attention to ads when they’re in Spanish than when they’re only in English.”

“This year’s study shows that there is an incredible opportunity for marketers to reach the estimated 14 million Latinos who are online by providing them with the language options they desire,” Lopez adds.

Whether the product is voice or online service, solutions providers considering Latino populations in their marketing efforts stand to profit from the growing numbers of technology-adopting citizens.


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