Q&A: Windstream Vet Jumps from Direct to Indirect Sales Exec at Frontier

Sales Team

… educating more regional master agents that exist today that aren’t working with us hand in hand to drive revenue. Recently I’ve had the opportunity to speak to three or four in the Southeast alone that will be joining Frontier’s agent programs and understand fully now that we’ve taken our support team, our channel support program, and we brought that in house, so that’s allowed us to furnish them with better levels of support, better levels of response times, and it’s really going to allow us to grow this to the next level.

CP: Are there new products and services coming that will provide new opportunities for partners?

RL: The product road map is continuing to evolve and we’re excited about our new products. Our Total360 offering and our ability to bring additional products to the end user [are] going to allow us to be in more conversations. And the deployment of SD-WAN obviously is a big push in the industry … and we do have that on this year’s product road map. Facilitating education to our master agents is what my team will be responsible for in working with them to have them understand a little bit more about what our capabilities are, allowing us again to do what we do best, which is providing that high-speed connectivity to the end user via our technology in each of the markets that we have services available in today.

CP: What do you want to have accomplished a year from now?

RL: We see such a significant opportunity to grow revenue that the expectations for the program for 2018 are very high. We’ve changed dramatically the way in which we’ve been going about managing the channel in the last 12-18 months, that in 12 months from today I want to be able to look back and say we set out on this goal, it’s a significant expectation that we have internally to help Frontier have a bigger presence, gain customer share in the markets that we serve, and be able to grow the program again to another level next year. We put in a lot of resources this year, not only myself, but we’ve hired on channel managers and regional channel managers that will help to broadcast Frontier’s capabilities, become a little bit more intimate with our master agents and develop stronger relationships. We have to drive deeper relationships with our agencies that we support and give them the opportunity to have the freedom to share what we are doing well, what we should be doing differently, and take heed on a lot of that feedback to help the organization reach its revenue goals for 2018 and beyond.

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