Q&A: Windstream Vet Jumps from Direct to Indirect Sales Exec at Frontier

Sales Team

… better help drive sales results, and we’re doing that via the introduction of additional resources available to support the nation. We’re adding people [and] we’re adding channel managers around the country. We’ve also added an internal support team, which has allowed us to better serve them as our customers, because in essence, our agents are our customers, and having it in house now allows us to respond [more quickly] to quote requests, contract requests and just a better way to facilitate on-boarding of new customers.

CP: What prompted all these changes that are taking place?

RL: We realized how valuable master agents are to being the catalyst for the revenue targets we have in 2018, and some of the feedback we’ve received from our large platinum masters provided us with an opportunity to re-look at how we need to serve them better. It’s about speed to market, it’s about response times, and I think we’re in a much better position than where we were 60 days ago.

CP: Are Frontier’s channel strategy and partner program evolving along with changes in the industry, consolidation, M&A, etc.?

RL: We’re super excited about the opportunity within the channel space primarily because of our technology and the availability that we have across the country and in a lot of our markets that have a higher level of technology than a lot of our competitors. And in response to the need for speed that exists out there, we feel like we’re well-positioned to drive the type of revenues available to us based on our technology offerings in those markets.

CP: What type of feedback have you received from partners?

RL: The biggest thing I’ve heard over the past few weeks since I’ve been out in the markets meeting with our master agents … is that they really want Frontier whenever available – especially in the FiOS markets – because they know it’s a better product offering than the cable players can offer at this time, and the speeds being symmetrical in nature allow us to have a leg up on the competition. So they want to be able to offer Frontier’s technology, and lead with the FiOS and Ethernet, and allow us to do what we do best. That’s one of the things they’ve realized more now than maybe in years past, is that our ability to respond and install align well with their customers’ expectations.

CP: What are the biggest issues currently facing Frontier and what will be your role in addressing them along with partners?

RL: I don’t know that I would say issues. I would say there are opportunities in …

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