Putting a Face on Telecom

AS I MENTIONED IN LAST MONTHS letter, PHONE+ has a new look for 2006. I think you will agree our artist,Veronica Romero, has helped us design a publication that is contemporary and action-packed. While many of the changes are small a font or a header here and there others are big. Take the cover, for instance. You cant help but notice that theres an executive on the cover.

If you turn to Page 36, youll learn that his name is Steve Gerhardt and he is a network services agent based in New Jersey. Youll also learn a lot more interesting things about Steve and how his business, D&M Enterprises, is managing and succeeding through all the changes in the telecom industry.

Steve and his company are the subjects of the premiere PHONE+ Profile. This will be a monthly feature that we hope will help to put a face on the telecom channel. It also is part of a larger effort to personalize many of the amazing innovations in technology, service delivery, and sales and marketing that have driven the competitive telecommunications marketplace. With increasing frequency, you will begin to get to know more and more of the people behind the successful companies and products and services. This is an initiative that I am behind 100 percent not only because it makes the magazine more interesting to read, but it also is at the heart of a successful sales culture. You most certainly have heard or even said, People prefer doing business with people.

We are interested in involving you, our readers, in the publication. We would invite you to send us your feedback or nominate someone you think would be a great cover story for an upcoming issue. Just visit our Web site at and go to the new Feedback section on the right-hand side of the screen. Once there, you can submit a Letter to the Editor or a Profile Nomination.

Since many of you tell us PHONE+ is the only magazine you read cover to cover, we also have a secondary objective to make reading it more fun. Look for interesting additions in this issue, such as Tele- Scope. Its a parody of astrological horoscopes with a telecom flavor. Check it out on Page 14. And, we wont be the only ones having fun. Please feel free to use this forum to recognize a favorite colleague or employee on his or her birthday.

At the end of the day, we are all working hard to make money. That hasnt changed, but lets have a little fun while were at it. What dya say?

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