Puttin’ the ‘G’ in GPS; Mo’ Money, Mo’ Handsets

You lost? Well, Snoop can get you there fo shizzle.

In association with, Snoop Dogg has offered up his iconic voice for use on the TomTom GPS navigation systems. Bringing a whole new hip-hop swagger to the TomTom, the VoiceSkin contains “Snoop Speak” like, “Turn around when possible and keep it ‘G’, ya d-i-g?” He also smoothes the way for TomTom drivers with Snoop-style guidance, such as, “Keep left ahead, and you’ll be bonafide.” Snoop’s VoiceSkin is now available for download for $12.95 for users of TomTom GPS systems.

Want my recycled handset? Show me the money.

Thirty-eight percent of 1,000 consumers in the United States who were polled by ABI Research in October claim to have recycled outdated mobile handsets. Of those, nearly 70 percent said they had donated their old handsets to charity organizations and received charitable contribution tax deductions. Fewer than 5 percent recycled their handsets without receiving compensation of any kind. Of those consumers who had not yet recycled a handset, 98 percent were prepared to return handsets to an operator’s store, to a charity, to a refurbishing company or to the manufacturer — but only in return for some compensation, either cash, store credit or tax deduction.

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