Profile: Comcast’s Craig Schlagbaum, a CHEXOTY Finalist

Craig Schlagbaum

Vice President, Indirect Channel Sales

Comcast Business Class

Years in current position: 1.5
Years with current company: 1.5
Years in the indirect channel: 23

What makes you stand out as a top channel executive and leader?
A laser focus on the needs of our partners and treating them as our customer. Additionally, I stay aware of the latest trends and entertain new opportunities to grow revenue. With the help of my management team, I strive to build a world-class channel program.

What key initiatives did you spearhead in 2011 that culminated in improvements for your channel partners?
We launched new service availability tools to the channel, and also an entire organization, including sales managers, dedicated to support of our channel partners.

What are your three main goals for your channel program in 2012?

  1. Make it easier for partners to do business with Comcast.
  2. Grow our base of direct agents and subagents selling under our masters.
  3. Increase overall support and resources for our partners.

What’s your prediction for the channel, overall, in 2012?
I believe that partners will represent a growing percentage of the new sales we and other services providers drive, especially for the Ethernet services that are helping companies make the most of their cloud services. Additionally, I see a growing number of partners selling for Comcast, a movement toward higher-end, value-added partner bases, and a migration of VAR partners to the recurring revenue model. Some [VARs] also will become agents as well.

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