Proficio: Rise of Breaches, Attacks Brings More Cybersecurity Investment

Cybersecurity Shield

… our partners as possible. So we’ve kept those ingredients that people really like. What we’ve been doing in terms of investing is continuing to really understand [which] enablement tools our partners need. We have an online portal where we can deliver all sorts of content … and we continue to make that better so that our partners have the tools that they need.

The other thing is we’ve added a new service around Splunk. For people who have Splunk and want to continue to use that for multiple things, including security, we will manage their Splunk instances, we’ll provide content to help make Splunk systems better at identifying security threats, and then we’ll monitor the events on a 24/7 basis so that we can identify what’s important and help the customer respond accordingly. And as you know, Splunk is a huge organization that’s growing very rapidly, so for channel partners – many of our existing partners had a Splunk line of business – we’ve made it even easier for them to deliver security solutions for those who have Splunk.

CP: How would you describe your company’s channel strategy? Is it evolving along with changes in your company and the industry?

JH: Channel relationships are a key part of our growth strategy. We are very open and keen to working with partners because they bring us a lot of additional value. People, whether it’s security or any solution, have lots of different ways in which they want to consume these capabilities. So as a result, we’re working with … security networking VARs, cybersecurity consultants, SIs, telecom companies, [and] people who provide managed services or managed-infrastructure capabilities along those lines. All those groups in different ways add tremendous value to their customers and they’re very often interested in how can they add another line of service or augment their existing services around security — because security is such a key agenda item for many organizations. So we’re working with different sets of organizations to help them meet their [customers’] requirements, which is great for us because [that means] more opportunities to work with different sorts of customers along the way.

CP: Looking ahead, is 2018 going to be a significant year for your company and your partners in terms of helping to protect your customers from cyberattacks?

JH: We expect 2018 to be a strong growth year for us. We’ve made a lot of investments, both in technical and operations teams, and also our sales teams and partner programs to essentially meet demand, and we’ve also expanded our presence in 2017 and will continue to do that in 2018 geographically. We started out in the United States, but today we have a lot of customers in the United States, but also South America, in Europe; we’ve had some really good wins in the EU and we expect that to continue. We’ve had some strong wins in Asia and we’re growing our customer base in Australia, and we’re starting to get some traction in New Zealand and in other parts of Asia. We are very excited to face the challenges and help people in 2018.

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