Proficio: Rise of Breaches, Attacks Brings More Cybersecurity Investment

Cybersecurity Shield

… that need, and we provide that obviously as a fully cloud-based service so we can co-manage people’s existing SIEMs and provide augmented support to the whole security-operations functions. It’s a perfect storm. While it’s certainly not a good storm for people who are being attacked, from an industry standpoint, the increasing threat level, the lack of resources to fulfill this function internally, and just the complexity of doing it, it’s not really just having people internally to meet the problem, the real challenge is having the right expertise, having visibility of what’s going on. We’re lucky we have a large base of customers, so if we see an issue happening, say in Asia, we can be already prepared to address that in the United States and Europe, and vice versa.

CP: Who are your and your partners’ end customers, and is that profile changing, expanding, etc.?

JH: We address what we describe as a medium-to large-size enterprise market and so our customer profile typically is organizations [that] have some reasonable amount of infrastructure, whether that’s on premises in their own data center, or in the cloud, or some combination; it doesn’t matter to us because we meet both of those sorts of infrastructure challenges. But we have been successful with a range of different industry types. We have a strong base of health-care customers in the United States, a strong base of financial-services customers, we have manufacturing customers and retailers, just a whole variety of industries that share the common goal of trying to ensure that they have a robust cybersecurity program. If they are governed by compliance requirements … it’s that they can properly meet those requirements, and that requires them to have a proactive program, to monitor security events and retain security events, and analyze them and be able to respond to them. So the midsize and large enterprise is where we have our sweet spot and across any industry that really needs a strong security solution.

CP: Has the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) created new opportunities for Proficio and its partners?

JH: GDPR is a huge requirement in Europe and it also totally covers anybody who collects personal information about customers who are located in the EU, so certainly companies around the world might be in that situation. We have a strong program to address that and make sure that everything we do internally meets that requirement. We have a security operations center in Europe, based in Barcelona, so we’re able to retain data entirely in Europe for customers who want that. And we work twofold to make sure we’re fully compliant to GDPR in terms of how we retain data and how we manage all those properties to make sure that confidentiality is not breached — and we meet the requirements of GDPR ourselves. We have to meet it and we really have to help our customers fill in the pieces that we can around security monitoring to meet that. There are multiple facets to this, and it’s kicking in in May. It has significant ramifications, especially European companies where the fines are 4 percent of global revenue, so that’s a bit stick.

CP: What’s the latest with Proficio’s partner program? Any new or emerging opportunities?

JH: We set out when we relaunched the program to make the interaction with our partners as simple as possible, [and] make us easy to do business with. We did that in terms of simplifying the rules and hierarchies, and not having the really complex processes that some organizations have. We also set out to make it as profitable for …

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