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Posted: 1/2003

Product News

SNET Unveils Data Gateway Service

SNET has released its Data Gateway
service, a resource for IXCs, ISPs and other providers to recover revenue that
might otherwise be lost because of an inability to identify the end user’s local
service provider (LSP) for billing purposes.

SNET Data Gateway provides access to
the SS7 network and associated services located in the various line information
databases nationwide. Users can retrieve specific data elements – operating
company number (OCN), revenue accounting office (RAO) and Bell System Practice (BSP)
— from the line record, and can access additional data elements as they become
available. Using that information, carriers can attempt a timely settlement with
the appropriate LSP.

Importantly, response is immediate.
With current technology, rejected messages often age to the point they aren’t
billable, even if the correct LSP is identified.

Carriers launch queries from the
SNET application through a secure virtual private network (VPN) connection. No
other infrastructure is required. The application accepts batch files and
individual queries.

SNET Diversified Group
530 Preston Ave.
Meridien, CT 06450
+1 800 447 6386

Info Directions Releases

Info Directions Inc. is rolling out
its next-generation revenue management product, CostGuard.NET, a Web application
built on Microsoft’s .NET technology that introduces a variety of new
functionality building on the company’s existing flagship product CostGuard.

Chief among these is workflow
automation, which enables service providers to manage service creation, order
management, product bundling, provisioning and billing using business rules
unique to their operation. It also automates follow-ups with appropriate staff
at every step of each process to ensure data integrity.

Another major addition included in
CostGuard.NET is real-time orders interface and provisioning securely over the
Internet using XML-based interfaces. Significantly, CostGuard.NET’s real-time
API processes orders that must be sent to third-parties — local telcos, IXCs,
ISPs — in real time.

Centralization also enables service
providers to easily manage all third-party vendor orders in a single
application. CostGuard.NET seamlessly integrates via XML to third-party
suppliers to allow real-time provisioning of UNE-P and to communicate with the
IXC or network switches.

In addition, CostGuard.NET’s
navigable access to detailed usage, billing, rating, customer and service data
enables enhanced customer support, product management and service bundling. This
functionality complements Info Directions’ MarginGuard tool, which allows users
to track revenue and expense at a detailed level.

Info Directions Inc.
833 Phillips Road
Victor, NY 14564
+1 888 924 4110


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