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MindbridgeUSA, a consortium of offshore call centers, has entered the prepaid North American telecom markets offering lowcost live customer service in 23 different languages. The individual consortium members have been operating their call centers for decades, but only earlier this year did they begin focusing on the U.S. prepaid markets.

The Selway Group Inc., a Mesa, Ariz.-based call center operations firm, is MindbridgeUSA’s North American partner. President Stephen Matlock says MindbridgeUSA offers 23 different language skills at call centers in Auckland, New Zealand; Islamabad, Pakistan; and Mexico City. The three call centers employ approximately 700 agents. Meanwhile, MindbridgeUSA operates its U.S.

network PoP in Florida. It links the end user to the appropriate call center agent, anywhere in the world, depending upon the callers language. English is the default language. The Florida PoP also houses MindbridgeUSA’s call center services software.

MindbridgeUSA also is adding prepaid wireless and local dial tone providers to its list of serviced companies. The company’s largest requests to date include Spanish, Japanese and Korean.

Other available languages include Arabic, Cantonese, Farsi, Hebrew, Hindi, Kurdish, Mandarin, Pashto, Punjabi, Sindhi, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese.

MindbridgeUSA call centers operate around the clock.

Customers are charged by the call, regardless of how long the call lasts.

1539 E. Elmwood
Mesa, AZ 85203
+1 480 969 2350


VoIP technology company Quintum Technologies Inc. has released the Tenor AX VoIP MultiPath Switch, a high-density VoIP switching solution for analog environments. The Tenor AX - available in 8-, 16- and 24-port models - adds greater scalability and ease-of-management to Quintum’s Tenor VoIP switching platform, the company says.

Quintum’s Tenor switches run over IP networks through SelectNet Technology, which monitors calls for jitter, packet loss and latency - automatically and transparently changing network connections mid- call whenever conditions demand. Tenor’s MultiPath architecture requires no changes to the PBX or by users. The newly added Tenor AX switches also support enterprise customers’ multiple remote locations and service providers seeking to minimize truck rolls to customers’ premises.

Quintum says with its PacketSaver Technology, the Tenor AX switches can reduce bandwidth consumption up to 57 percent by combining voice packets from several calls into a single packet to minimize packet overhead. Quintum’s unique NATAccess technology also allows customers to implement Tenor switches behind firewalls using network address translation.

71 James Way
Eatontown, NJ 07724
+1 877 773 2547


DCA Services Inc., a service bureau for OSS and billing administration, will offer consulting, auditing services and online reporting tools as part of its service contract. DCA Services says it will perform an operational audit during the implementation phase at no additional charge to the customer, and if needed, the company will continue consulting and training throughout its relationship with the customer.

Consulting services include rate, billing, accounts receivable, fee and surcharge and database analysis.

DCA Services says clients have uncovered up to $60,000 in monthly revenue using the services. The company also can compare its clients’ retail rates with wholesale rates, evaluate monthly recurring charges to see whether they match industry standards and examine call detail records to help them recover revenue resulting from unbilled calls.

During consultation, the company provides customers with a Web portal to grant access to reports that will help clients perform daily analysis of their billing, back-office and accounts-receivable operations.

300 N. Meridian
Oklahoma City, OK 73107
+1 405 951 9300


Info Directions is adding new e-commerce capabilities to benefit service providers and channel sales members with the release of the E-Finity module for the CostGuard.NET OSS/BSS. The Web-based E-Finity interface provides sales and CRM capabilities that allow channel members to add and manage their own customer accounts, track prospects and conduct forecasts of their pipeline. The system also allows prospects to be transferred to active customer status with the click of a mouse. For added efficiency, E-Finity users can view journal entries, submit trouble tickets and manage follow-ups.

The reporting capabilities of the E-Finity module also help service providers and channel members analyze and evaluate their business.

By offering this enhanced control to the sales channel through E-Finity, service providers are able to improve service and reduce customer support calls, the company says.

Info Directions says E-Finity also allows service providers to post and manage information, providing the channel with sales and marketing documents, and updated news and information. Service providers also can make changes in the CostGuard.NET product catalog that automatically flow through to E-Finity, maintaining the integrity of available products throughout the channel organization and and establish various permission levels for agents and subagents to view and access only their own products and accounts. E-Finity can be branded with the service provider’s own logos, colors and fonts.

833 Phillips Road
Victor, NY 14564
+1 888 924 4110


Virtual Back Office Software Inc. now offers its Pre-Paid Central module. The feature allows local service providers to run a prepaid UNEP/ Resale service in addition to the post-paid local, long-distance, data, VoIP and wireless services already available through the standard VBOS suite.

The company says everything from the timing of customer notifications to the provisioning/ suspending of lines at the ILEC can be easily customized and automated with Pre- Paid Central. Once prospects have been activated, VBOSS (Virtual Business & Operations Support System) provides all the tools to service, rate, bill, collect, and communicate with the customers.

41 Winter, Suite 301
Boston, MA 02108
+1 617 338 3111


CustomCall Data Systems says its billing and OSS systems now support carriers providing VoIP services.

Earlier this summer, CustomCall Data Systems began providing OSS and billing solutions to VoIP providers after adapting its systems to integrate with VoIP platforms, says CustomCall Founder and Chairman Frank Peregrine.

Once a customer order is entered into CustomCall’s StreamLine WorkFlow Manager software, the system automatically updates the network and billing records with the customer information. The software also can be configured to automatically provide shipping instructions and labels, if a phone company needs to ship equipment to the customer.

The Madison, Wis., company says the system supporting the Internet phone technology operates seamlessly with other CustomCall products.

“VoIP service providers can be most successful if their information systems provide a high degree of automation and integration,” Peregrine says. “CustomCall’s family of billing and OSS products does exactly that.”

1009 S. Whitney Way
Madison, WI 53711
+1 608 274 3009


C-CAMS Inc. has introduced its allnew workflow management module - the latest extension of its enterprise suite of customer care and service applications designed for telcos, ISPs and public services/utility providers. Its functionality includes billing capabilities.

The workflow management module is pre-integrated to its customer care and service solution, and combines trouble ticket/fault, work-order and service-order management into one tool. The customizable module allows providers to automate many of the routings for trouble tickets, service orders and work orders. Meanwhile, managers can use it to schedule work, assign and transfer tasks, manage employees and resources, and track progress.

The module is designed to offer prompts to users, and is a rules-based platform. Users can make changes on the fly and rapidly adapt to new workflow requirements to customize operations, generally without IT support, says the company.

The module offers a desktop navigation tool that provides an instant, personalized view of a user’s world and their queue ‘in boxes.’ Users can immediately access progress information by the type and number of queue tickets open for each job. Queue ticket searches are displayed on a priority and ‘first in/first out’ basis. Queue catalogs can be viewed by: complete queue ‘in box’ ticket inventory, queue ticket category, specific queue ticket type, or specific queue status within a particular ticket type. Automatic alerts can be built into the system to help managers detect and resolve workflow bottlenecks.

C-CAMS’ hosted, multitiered, browserbased customer care and service solution offers billing and tracks all service orders, capturing billable events immediately upon provisioning. C-CAMS originates customer, account, service and workflow activity in billing, ensuring every billable event is captured and reported. Customer service representatives can directly provision services in seconds.

C-CAMS also provides an applicationwide, browser-based GUI that standardizes all processes and transactions, so users can view and execute telephone, cellular, data and Internet services similarly, without having to learn different programs for each media.

2192 Dupont Drive Suite 105
Irvine, CA 92612

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