IST Offers Crank Power

The SideWinder battery charger from IST Inc. is a universal accessory that provides a quick burst of power in places where its not feasible to wait for a battery to charge, such as at the airport, on a trade show floor or in a car. Two minutes of so-called cranking translates into around six minutes of talk time. The charger contains a white LED, which provides light for up to five minutes after the user stops turning the handle. IST says there is enough light to walk or read by.

Motorola Adapter Charges Two in One

Motorola Inc.s CH706 charger adapter lets users simultaneously charge their Motorola Bluetooth phones and a companion product such as Bluetooth speakers. The CH706 plugs into an existing Motorola wall charger or car charger, both of which are sold separately. It also requires just one power outlet. It is compatible with Motorola RAZR V3 phone and Motorola Bluetooth companion products, such as HS800, HS801, HS810, HS820 and HF800. The charger is not designed to be used with two phones.

LG Goes Straight to the Source

The LG battery pack charger lets users charge the battery pack itself instead of having to plug in a mobile phone. It charges standard and extended batteries, plugging into standard 110-220V 60Hz wall outlets. It is compatible with a number of LG mobile phone models.

Sony Ericsson Delivers

Sony Ericssons Micro Travel Charger CMT-60 makes charging wireless devices easy when on the road. The pocket-sized CMT-60 plugs directly into the power socket, eliminating cords. Or if a socket isnt available or doesnt match the plug, it can charge the phone with two AA batteries. The CMT-60 will be available mid-third quarter 2006.

Rock While Charging with Nokias MD-1

What could be better than rocking out to your favorite music while charging your cell phone? Nokias MD-1 music stand does just that, letting users listen to the FM radio on the phone or a digital music player. An integrated microphone also lets users make conference calls and talk handsfree while the phone charges. The stand is compatible with more than two dozen Nokia phones.

Turbo Charge Keeps Business Travelers Connected

Global business travelers never have to worry about being stranded with a dead cell phone battery again, thanks to the Turbo Charge, a small, fashionable lightweight source of power for cell phones and PDAs.

The Turbo Charge is not meant to replace at-home or car chargers, but to keep callers from losing important calls or being stranded with a dead cell phone battery. Styled like a chrome-colored lipstick tube, the fashionable Turbo Charge measures just three-inches tall and uses only one AA battery. Users simply plug one end of the Turbo Charge adapter into the Turbo Charge and the other end of the adapter into your phone for up to two additional hours of talk time and 40 additional hours of standby time. Adapters for the Turbo Charge are available to fit almost every make/model of phone or PDA.

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