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MetaSolv, Foundry Develop Platform for Service Providers

OSS provider MetaSolv Software Inc. has teamed with Foundry Networks Inc., a maker of equipment including LAN, backbone and applications switches. The companies have created a pre-integrated platform they say supports quicker time-to-market as providers deploy MPLS and Ethernet services.

The joint service covers activation of MPLS-based VPN and VLAN-based services with MetaSolvs IP Service Activator software on the following Foundry product families: NetIron XMR Internet routers; NetIron MLX switching routers; and the NetIron IMR 640 IPv4/IPv6/MPLS router.

Foundry Networks Inc.

2100 Gold St.
San Jose, CA 95164-9100
+1 408 207 1700

MetaSolv Inc.
5556 Tennyson Parkway
Plano, TX 75024
+1 972 403 8300

3PV Unveils AssureSign Electronic Signature

3PV (Third Party Verification Inc.) has launched an electronic signature called AssureSign that permits anyone with a computer to sign one or more documents securely over the Internet in a matter of minutes using their mouse. No special equipment or software is needed, and the signature is legally binding.

3PV employs a patented process that, among other security features, adds a serial number and a watermark to the signature and then encrypts them with the document.

The sequence yields the only service-based, electronic, handwritten signature on the market today, according to 3PV. The signature also can be matched for authentication in much the same way as a traditional signature, the company said. Should an AssureSign signature ever be copied fraudulently to another document, the watermark and serial number will not change, allowing 3PV to independently identify each signature and document signed. Furthermore, if a document is alleged to have been signed with AssureSign and the watermark and serial number are missing, that signature and document is null and void.

Third Party Verification Inc.

220 E. Central Parkway, Suite 3000
Altamonte Springs, FL 32701
+1 407 865 9966

ASC Announces Carrier Relationship Management Solution

Advanced Software Concepts (ASC), a telecommunications contract lifecycle management solutions provider, has released its new Carrier Relationship Management solution. The engine, ASC Contracts, automates the buying, selling, pricing, quoting, ordering and auditing activities among carriers.

The tool is Web-based and is tailored to each carriers environment and processes. The solution encompasses management of carrier agreements, automation of the carrier RFQ process and carrier order-tracking while providing a central tool to facilitate off-net circuit auditing.

Using the platform, carriers will be able to better negotiate terms and conditions, isolate unneeded facilities, and definitively identify supplier invoice problems, according to the company.

Advanced Software Concepts

235 Terence Matthews Crescent, Suite 200
Ottawa, ON K2M 2B3 Canada
+1 613 599 2087

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