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MetaSolv Renames OMS, Introduces Service Studio

MetaSolv Software Inc., which makes OSS systems for service providers, has introduced Provisioning 5, formerly called MetaSolv OMS.

Provisioning 5 is the companys ordermanagement technology that automates provisioning tasks to support the service fulfillment process. The products framework facilitates interoperability with multiple systems, and uses J2EE meta-data driven architecture.

As part of the introduction of Provisioning 5, MetaSolv also is introducing Service Studio for Provisioning, building on the capabilities already in MetaSolvs Activation 5 platform. Service Studio for Provisioning is a graphical tool that lets providers design and deploy services and service provisioning processes. This means providers can assemble new services and bundles.

MetaSolv Software Inc.

5556 Tennyson Parkway
Plano, TX 75024
+1 972 403 8300

Sigma Systems Releases Voice Client Services Centre

Sigma Systems, a provider of OSS service management, has released the Sigma Voice Client Services Centre (CSC), which gives VoIP users an online alternative to speaking on the phone with contact center representatives.

Sigma Voice CSC lets customers place orders and activate services over the Web. The product also boosts revenue by promoting upsells on a service providers member services portal, the company says. Voice CSC also reduces call center operational costs for routine changes and updates to a subscribers service profile by reducing the volume of call centre activity, Sigma says.

The Sigma Voice CSC is the latest addition to Sigma Systems Product Portfolio, a suite of service management applications for automating delivery of voice, data/Internet, wireless and video services.

Sigma Systems

55 York St., Suite 1100
Toronto, Ontario M5J 1R7 Canada
+1 416 943 9696

Brix Releases BrixCare Self-Service

Brix Networks has released BrixCare Self-Service, a VoIP quality measurement and reporting application designed to help service providers reduce subscriber acquisition and support costs.

BrixCare Self-Service consists of three primary components: on-demand VoIP Agent, a digitally signed Java applet that is downloaded to a subscribers PC; central management software, a platform that collects and presents information; and Brix Verifiers, hardware appliances that reside in the providers network for terminating test calls and measuring VoIP call quality.

BrixCare Self-Service allows users and providers to determine whether a problem originates in the users environment, the ISPs network or the VoIP providers service delivery infrastructure.

A BrixCare Self-Service Starter Kit includes a Brix 1000 Verifier, Advanced VoIP Test Suite (SIP), Self- Service Application and related licenses for $65,000.

Brix Networks

285 Mill Road
Chelmsford, MA 01824
+1 978 367 5600

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