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Voxeo Corp., a provider of IVR platforms and hosting, has released the sixth generation of its VoiceCenter IVR platform.

Part of VoiceCenter 6 is an enhanced management console for premise IVR customers, directory-driven ENUM standard call routing support, increased platform port density, and a built-in, multiparty conference server supporting up to 100 speaking and 10,000 listen-only participants.

The new version also offers flexible media server support, which means VoiceCenter 6 works with a variety of automated speech recognition and text-to-speech technologies. VoiceCenter 6 further includes a media server with MRCP proxy support that lets users integrate with speech recognition and synthesis technologies from any MRCP-compliant vendor, in any language.

Moreover, Voxeos SIP proxy server is compatible with nearly all SIP VoIP devices, networks and platforms, as well as a variety of SIP gateways that support integration with T1, E1, ISDN, PBX, analog and call center/ACD lines, according to Voxeo. The company says this allows customers to deploy call control applications such as directory integrated conferencing, intelligent routing and queuing, time-critical notifications and emergency services.

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Vodavi Technology Inc., a provider of TDM and IP telecommunications systems, says it now offers enhanced IP capability for the XTS-IP and XTSc-IP lines of communications products. The company also has released its own softphone.

The devices work best for telecommuters and remote and traveling workers, Vodavi says, because enterprises can extend IP services to remote locations via a remote IP services gateway and deploy IP softphones to laptop PCs.

The gateway dubbed the Nomad Remote Services Gateway Module (RGSM) enables a larger set of phone system features of the XTS-IP or XTSc-IP host system to be extended to a remote site using VoIP.

The Nomad RSGM also means a company with its headquarters in New York and a remote site in Miami, for example, can bypass toll charges by having employees at the headquarters use the local central office line in Miami to place outbound calls in the Miami area. The local central office line from the Nomad RSGM also ensures remote workers have access to local 911 services.

Meanwhile, Vodavi has released the Nomad Softphone for travelers and SOHOs that operates as an extension of the host telephone system when used with a USB headset and a laptop PC.

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