From top left to right: Strata CIX200, Strata CIX670 Rackmount Model, Strata CIX670, Strata CIX100.

Toshiba America Information Systems Inc.’s Digital Solutions Division has expanded its Strata CIX line of IP business communications systems with two new versions, the Strata CIX670 that supports up to 672 ports, and the Strata CIX100 for up to 112 ports. The systems come in addition to the recently released Strata CIX200 that handles up to 192 ports.

All three Strata CIX models are designed for SMBs or larger corporate users with a number of sites and contain adaptability capabilities for enabling TDM. The Strata CIX also supports IP phones, IP wireless telephones, IP softphones on notebook and tablet PCs, and digital and analog telephones.

Toshiba further says it added flexibility that allows users to create applications that connect with back-office systems to allow information to scroll across the phone or screen; connect with online sources; or use call management features that provide special handling options.

The new systems have a My Phone Manager feature, too, that lets users program the LCD on the telephone, as well as speed dial and feature buttons on the PC’s Web browser.

The Strata CIX systems are priced from $400 per user depending on options and configuration.

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New York, NY 10020
+1 800 TOSHIBA


Avaya Inc. has introduced three new IP telephones, the 4621, 4622 and 4625.

Users can share verbal and visual information - including pictures, graphs and charts - on screen, over the phones. The screens are backlit and feature a full-color display. The line of phones also supports interactive applications including directory retrieval, office alerts and on-screen messaging among colleagues. Further, Avaya has integrated the XML-based wireless markup language 1.3 browser into the phones, which enables the delivery of Web-based content.

Avaya says the 4622 is customized for contact center agents, supporting dual headsets while eliminating the unnecessary handset.

The company also offers an applications development platform with the new phones. The Avaya Phone Applications Gateway is based on technology from Citrix Systems and delivers off-the-shelf and custom applications to the screens and speakers of employees’ Avaya IP telephones. Examples of those applications include security alerts, corporate news or travel advisories that incorporate text, graphics and audio.

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Comdial’s EP 200 shows users which contacts are available and even accommodates video interactions.

Equipment manufacturer Comdial Corp. has released its CONVERSip EP200 Multimedia Endpoint softphone, which adds telephone functionality to computers by working with circuit- and packet-switched technologies. The product is available for sale through the company’s VARs and other partners.

Based on Windows XP, the CONVERSip EP200 Multimedia Endpoint is a software application that, in tandem with Comdial’s CONVERSip MP5000 Media Platform, forms a telephony solution that does not depend on third-party hardware and software.

Its built-in instant messaging system also does not rely on the Internet, making it more secure.

The softphone offers traditional features and advanced functionalities that include video calling, presence management, and single and multiparty instant messaging. The software also monitors incoming, dialed and missed calls, and works with the Plantronics CS50-USB, a wireless headset for VoIP.

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Sarasota, FL 34232
+1 800 COMDIAL


Aastra Technologies Ltd. has unveiled VentureIP, a peer-to-peer IP phone system powered by Nimcat Networks Inc.s nimX software and designed for SMBs.

The system scales on a phone-by-phone basis and can be connected to the local PSTN via the VentureIP Gateway. One gateway supports up to four phone lines. Aastra also says that when a new VentureIP 480i telephone is added to the network, it independently recognizes all other VentureIP terminals band gateways on the network and instantly forms a trusted, virtual exchange - with the ability to interact with its peers and to connect to the PSTN.

When a user connects a VentureIP 480i telephone into the data network, the device automatically configures itself, allowing calls to be made and received without any setup or centralized server equipment. Users also have Web access to the VentureIP system to better manage their options, as well as to access future software upgrades.

The phone system’s other features include voice mail, intercom and paging, auto attendant, an eight-line graphic display with six softkeys and speaker phone.

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Concord, ON
Canada L4K 4N9
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D-Link has released a new series of CPE products designed to give subscribers better access, content and entertainment services. The series includes the D-Link IP PBX, the DVX-1000.

The SIP-based DVX-1000 features a built-in call server, IVR/auto-attendant, voice mail and conference functionalities. It enables VoIP devices such as SIP phones and gateways to make and receive calls.

The D-Link IP PBX implements a number of voice call features, manages user accounts and provisions D-Link endpoints, the company says. It also has a built-in firewall to protect the system against unauthorized access and denial of service attacks, and uses secure communication for remote Web configuration.

In addition, D-Link says its DVX-1000 provides a secure, Web-based management interface that includes context-sensitive help. This allows a system administrator to configure all subsystems and features, eliminating the dependency on a service provider for administration and maintenance.

The D-Link IP PBX can be used with the DLink Trunk Gateway for direct PSTN access or may get PSTN access through an Internet telephony service provider.

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Fountain Valley, CA 92708
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Equipment maker Zultys Technologies is distributing its new family of ZIP phones through VARs.

The phones all are built on open-source software and run on a Linux operating system. They are compatible with any IP system using SIP, which gives users more flexibility. The phones also support features including power over Ethernet (PoE), linerate Ethernet switching, conferencing and voice encryption.

There are several models from which to choose. The ZIP 2×2, for example, has two call appearances for simultaneous incoming or outgoing calls and two Ethernet ports. The ZIP 2×1 has encryption but does not come with the second Ethernet port.

Zultys also offers the ZIP 2x2L, which provides a LAN connection for a PC; the ZIP 2P is a basic phone with support for PoE; and the ZIP 2+, the least expensive phone, comes with an LCD. The phones range in price from $150- $230, depending on the model. Zultys provides free software updates for the life of the phone.

771 Vaqueros Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94085
+1 408 328 0450

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