Preparation Crucial for Partner Success with M&A


… pick the right partner for your business. That’s not always the biggest or first bidder, and it’s not guaranteed that you’ll find them if you reach out only to the first people that come to mind; instead, it’s critical to think about areas where you complement each other — cliché as it is, when it comes to M&A, 1+1 can equal 3, 2, or less.

Another point is timing. M&A processes have stretched out in recent years, with average time to close increasing. Acquisitions are inherently disruptive to your business — it’s important not to forget that your day job continues unabated.

CP: What do you hope the audience will take away from your presentation?

SC: Before I did this, I was a channel owner-operator myself, so I understand the unique pressures and challenges felt on other side of the stage. I’m hoping that after my presentation, M&A will feel less intimidating and more approachable as a valid business strategy — whether it’s something you were already considering, or a new path forward.

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