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Posted: 03/2002


PayStar Acquires Get2Net Assets

PayStar Corp. announced in January the acquisition of Get2Net’s nearly 200 Internet kiosks in 32 locations. Among these sites are 28 airport locations including John F. Kennedy, LaGuardia, Newark and Denver.

PayStar will convert the kiosks to pay-for-use utilizing PayStar’s proprietary Gold Sprocket Software, which is a dynamic graphical user interface to its public Internet services.

The move follows its November 2001 purchase of 400 kiosks from NP Communications and its August purchase of nearly 200 kiosks from iCatcher Network Inc.

PayStar chairman and CEO W.D. Yotty says the Get2Net purchase will increase annual revenue by about $3 million and provide PayStar with strategic placement in high-traffic locations across the United States. He also says it affords PayStar global opportunities through Get2Net’s international operations.

Get2Net began installing public Internet access NetStations in U.S. airports and other venues in August 1998.

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