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Posted: 03/2002


VendTek Enters Distribution Agreement with bcgi

VendTek Systems Inc. has entered into a distribution technology relationship with Boston Communications Group Inc. (bcgi) a provider of real-time transaction processing for delivering prepaid wireless, enhanced voice, mobile commerce and other billing and payment services.

As a result of this relationship and the capability of VendTek’s e-Fresh System, wireless subscribers can purchase additional airtime that is posted in real-time through bcgi’s Intelligent Voice Services Network and transaction processing platform.

“The partnership is a win for both companies,” says VendTek president and CEO Paul Brock. “Our terminals and software provide substantially improved access and opportunity for topping up prepaid accounts from cash, debit or credit card, which helps bcgi carrier clients respond to the growing demand for prepaid wireless services.”

The bcgi Distribution Technology Partnership Program is a service that integrates recharge technology and channel management to increase the number of accessible choices for wireless account recharge. The program provides bcgi’s carrier subscribers with the choice of multiple distribution vendors that offer account recharge through ATMs, electronic point-of-sale applications, self-service vending machines, and recharge via the web.

Q Comm Signs Two
Qxpress POSA Deals

QComm International Inc., a prepaid wireless technology and information services company, announced it has signed agreements with two unnamed customers in the Southeastern United States.

In one deal, an Atlanta-based prepaid telecom distributor has agreed to install Q Comm’s Qxpress point-of-sale activation system in a variety of retail locations. The Atlanta partner will sell multiple telecom services through Qxpress under Q Comm’s carrier agreements. These services include prepaid wireless, long distance and other products. To date, the partner has installed Qxpress terminals in about 70 retail locations, most of which are located in South Carolina.

In the second agreement, a Florida-based prepaid telecom distributor will install Q Comm’s Qxpress terminals in retail locations. According to a mid-January press statement, the Florida partner had installed nearly 30 Qxpress terminals, which the company says was producing in excess of $30,000 per week. 

Go Prepaid Expands Offering

To Edmonton International Airport

Go Prepaid Inc., a provider of prepaid card vending distribution solutions, announced it has expanded its offering to include Canada’s Edmonton International Airport.

Go Prepaid has positioned numerous vending machines at the airport, enabling travelers to purchase prepaid cards for long-distance and payphone services.

“Having a presence at Edmonton International Airport is strategic for us in that it now completes the western network with Canada’s other major western airports — Calgary International Airport and Vancouver International” says George DeMarchi, president, Go Prepaid. “Looking ahead, consistent with our business plan, we intend to expand our vending operation to include other North American major airports and transportation hubs.”

Go Prepaid currently distributes TELUS Mobility long-distance and wireless prepaid cards through its own network of remote vending machines in major airports and tourist venues as well as through strategic distribution partnerships with retail stores throughout Canada. The company also distributes prepaid cards to hotels, currency exchange outlets and convenience stores.

GTS Prepaid Partners

with Fleming Companies

GTS Prepaid Inc.(GTS), a provider of prepaid products and services, has entered into an agreement with Fleming Companies Inc., a distributor and retailer in the food, drug and specialty store industry, with a range of prepaid telecom products, including prepaid phone cards, prepaid wireless phones and refill cards, wireless accessories and Point-of-Sale-Activation (POSA) terminals.

GTS’ prepaid telecom program will be made available to all Fleming-owned stores and subsidiaries, as well as to the 3,000 grocery stores and 5,000-plus convenience stores that Fleming services.

GTS president Randy Cherkas says the relationship with Fleming complements his company’s sales strategy to go directly to large convenience stores and grocery store chains.

“We already have access to large chains such as Sunoco, Circle K and A&P,” notes Cherkas, whose company currently serves more than 40 large convenience store/grocery chains throughout the United States. “Now, by working with Fleming, we expand our reach to include smaller chains and thousands of individual stores.”

In addition to the suite of domestic and international card programs GTS will provide Fleming, GTS is offering a no-connection fee phone card targeted specifically to the country’s growing Hispanic population, estimated at 40 million people. GTS also will provide Fleming a wireless program that features prepaid wireless plans from major prepaid wireless carriers and a line of universal wireless accessories.

POSA terminals will support GTS wireless refill cards and phone cards. GTS will offer two POSA programs: a swipe activation program that utilizes existing credit/debit networks, and the GTS EIDC terminals, which enable phone card and wireless refill PINs to be delivered electronically via the terminal.

Comverse to Provide Prepaid SMS Solution

to China Mobile,

Russian Operator

Comverse, a unit of Comverse Technology Inc., announced in mid-January major China Mobile Communications Corp. operators, including Guangdong Mobile, Sichuan Mobile, Heilongjiang Mobile and Hubei Mobile, had deployed its prepaid SMS solution.

Comverse’s prepaid SMS solution enables prepaid users to send and receive short text messages via the China Mobile network. Comverse’s prepaid SMS enables real-time prepaid billing for mobile-originated and mobile-terminated messages; differentiated charging based on application, content, or time; free credit; refund on nondelivery; and mobile number portability support.

The company also says it deployed its Intelligent Network (IN)-based prepaid solution to Russian mobile operator VimpelCom. The IN-based prepaid solution enables VimpelCom to provide wireless prepaid services to its GSM network subscribers.

Comverse has deployed its prepaid systems, supporting 25 languages, in about 80 carrier networks sites in 45 countries. Comverse’s prepaid solution also supports real-time billing of new services, including prepaid SMS and data services.

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