Pickering Overheard, Inmate ‘Cells’, Charity Help


“The last thing I want my legacy to be in communications policy is that at the end of the day, we have a duopoly. As a policy maker, I would grieve over all this work, all this investment, to have two left standing. I don’t think that is going to happen, but we need to make sure the policies promote competition.”

— Rep. Chip Pickering, R-Miss., discussing competition during the keynote at COMPTEL PLUS on Oct. 6.

Cell Block

From their cells, no pun intended, prison inmates can coordinate crimes in the outside world, traffic drugs, plan escapes and even threaten court witnesses. In one instance in Baltimore, a witness was murdered after an inmate ordered the killing from a cell phone. Harlen “Lamb” Lambert, principal, All States K-9 Detection, has begun training K-9s to sniff out cell phones in prisons — whether hidden under mattresses, in freezers, vending machines, carved-out books, toilet tanks or even peanut butter jars. “Anyone coming into contact with a prison inmate has the potential to smuggle in a cell phone, and that cell phone has the potential to enable serious harm to the outside world,” said Lambert, explaining his is the first company to train for sniffing out prison cell phones to stop the security threat.

Search, Shop, Support!

As America endures economic crisis, charities are bracing for declining contributions this holiday season. Two groups are making it possible for people to donate without spending an extra dime. By shopping at more than 700 retailers, such as Target, Apple and Best Buy, through, up to 37 percent of the purchase price is donated to the user’s favorite cause. Similarly, with every search conducted on Yahoo!-powered, approximately one penny is donated to the user’s favorite charity. At press time, more than 67,000 nonprofits were on board, with hundreds more joining daily.

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