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Posted: 3/2003



Lightbridge Inc. has announced its
"PrePay" billing solution for CDMA wireless networks utilizing WIN
II/IS-826 capabilities has achieved interoperability with Nortel Networks Inc.’s
mobile switching center (MSC) infrastructure equipment.

The approval lets Nortel and
Lightbridge provide carriers with the first approved IN-based WIN II-enabled
prepaid billing platform.

Lightbridge PrePay has about 34
million subscribers worldwide. It offers a multifaceted billing platform for
wireless prepaid billing. The IN-based application enables the service provider
to offer high-quality subscriber services such as virtual private networks, call
waiting, three-way calling, call forwarding, FreePhone, prepaid long distance
and individual call screening.

Lightbridge Inc.
67 S. Bedford St.
Burlington, MA 01803
+1 781 359 4000


PhoenixSoft has integrated the
Debisys Inc. prepaid transaction processing network into the PhoenixSoft
CMS/2000 enhanced services platform. The move enables real-time activation of
prepaid PIN inventory for PhoenixSoft customers and eliminates the need for live
card inventory.

The CMS/2000 is a comprehensive
client-server based call processing platform designed to provide tandem
switching, calling cards, international gateways, one-number calling, callback,
1+ resale, feature groups and dial tone services.

6530 N. 16th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85016
+1 602 788 6100
+1 800 555 6286


ICM Telecommunications Inc. has
successfully completed beta testing of its EPIS terminal in a number of retail

EPIS provides point-of-sale
activation features for prepaid services such as cellular, calling cards,
Mastercard, home dial tone and other PIN activated services.

According to the company, the EPIS
terminal will achieve industry average gross margins of 25 percent on average
gross sales of $1,100 per unit per month. ICM Telecommunications forecast it
would have 1,500 units installed by years end.

ICM Telecommunications Inc.
4800 S.W. Meadows
Suite 300
Lake Oswego, OR 97035


VoiceCue Technologies Inc. announced
the introduction of VoiceCue Blue, a prepaid wireless billing platform offered
as a hosted solution for the first time. VoiceCue Blue is a solution for
wireless carriers’ changing needs for revenue-generating services without
requiring significant capital investment.

VoiceCue Blue is the company’s first
hosted product and is being offered as a direct response to strong customer
demand from small and midsized carriers. VoiceCue Blue leverages the
functionality of its integrated suite of billing and provisioning applications
with new services while still remaining cost-effective for the carrier.

As a hosted solution, carriers can
implement VoiceCue Blue quickly without a significant investment. The platform
equipment is located at a VoiceCue site, and VoiceCue personnel are responsible
for engineering, operating, monitoring and administering the platform. Carriers
maintain control of customer contact through its customer care center.

VoiceCue Blue enables carriers to
offer subscribers a suite of new revenue-generating services designed to
increase subscriber base, raise ARPU and reduce churn. VoiceCue Blue’s features
are the first in a series of services that will transition VoiceCue Blue into a
converged prepaid and postpaid billing platform. These services are offered in
addition to traditional prepaid features such as billing for roaming, long
distance and international calling, voice mail, three-way calling, directory
assistance and SMS/ring tone/Internet content download.

VoiceCue Blue’s new
revenue-generating applications include:

  • Prepaid multirate location-based
    roaming solution — VoiceCue Blue extends roaming revenue opportunities into
    prepaid and helps make carriers’ prepaid offerings more similar to its
    postpaid ones.

  • Web-based customer care —
    Carriers’ subscribers are able to display customer information, account
    status and balance information, change services and features, pull up call
    and provisioning history and replenish services via credit card or card
    activation number.

  • Balance Guard — Balance Guard
    enables carriers to use prepaid technology to cap exposure to high
    credit-risk subscribers, lower their credit debit rating and open up new
    revenue opportunities. The carrier specifies a fixed or unlimited number of
    local or long-distance minutes and other services for the month, and
    additional airtime may be purchased as needed.

  • Sponsored Calling — Sponsored
    Calling empowers carriers to offer free calls to subscribers in return for
    subscribers listening to a short message or answering questions before
    placing the free call. Carriers can generate revenue through the sale of
    message or survey time to corporations and other merchants.

  • Universal Prepaid Card — The
    Universal Prepaid Card enables carriers to offer prepaid wireless
    subscribers a way to make landline long-distance and international calls
    using their prepaid account. By providing the convenience of a single
    account, carriers can expand their market bases significantly and affordably
    and realize a significant incremental increase in ARPU.

VoiceCue Blue is priced to meet the
financial demands of small to midsized carriers. In addition to a hosted model,
VoiceCue Blue is available for carriers as a hosted revenue share, a deployed
revenue share with a purchase option that can be exercised after an initial
period, or as an outright purchase.

VoiceCue Technologies Inc.
1700 Higgins Road, Suite 350
Des Plaines, IL 60018
+1 847 321 6300
+1 800 808 2600

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