Phone Plus Prepaid: DEALS & CONTRACTS

Posted: 3/2003


PT Excelcomindo Pratama (excelcom),
an Indonesian mobile provider, is implementing Amdocs solutions for
end-to-end customer care and billing including real-time prepaid, postpaid,
partner relationship management (PRM) and CRM. Amdocs will provide excelcom with
a single billing and CRM platform for all GSM, GPRS and next-generation mobile
services. excelcom will generate a unified customer view across all front and
back-office systems, providing flexible prices and service packages for at least
1 million business and consumer subscribers.

As part of the implementation, the
Amdocs Prepaid product will enable excelcom to provide subscribers with combined
prepaid and postpaid accounts, which incorporate real-time rating functionality
and utilize a single customer catalogue for both prepaid and postpaid services.

* Swiftcomm Inc., an
integrated communications/data services provider, has contracted with PhoenixSoft
to provide the centralized platform for its voice and data network. PhoenixSoft
will provide its CMS/2000 enhanced switching and CMS/Server convergent billing
software to support Swiftcomm’s prepaid and postpaid services, as the company

The CMS/2000 is a
client/server-based call processing platform designed to provide tandem
switching, calling card, international gateway, one-number calling, callback, 1+
resale, feature groups and dial tone services. The CMS/Server is a
client/server-based convergent billing system that integrates with any switch
that provides call detail records. Features include an integrated account
database, deposit tracking via service code, tax management, accounts
receivable, multiuse customer service with historical reporting, automated
provisioning and inventory management.

* Centennial Communications Corp.
announced its Centennial Wireless subsidiary has signed a multiyear contract for
Boston Communications Group Inc.’s (bcgi) Prepaid Connection real-time
subscriber management platform. Centennial Wireless, which serves an estimated 6
million people in Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio and Texas,
will use the hosted solution to roll out new services.

Prepaid Connection enables small and
medium-sized carriers to replicate postpaid plans on a prepaid basis, including
enhanced features such as nationwide roaming, two-way text messaging and mobile
commerce purchasing. It also operates in any network environment and provides
call processing and rating capabilities. The solution works in conjunction with
Centennial Wireless’s existing billing and network infrastructure, enabling the
carrier to manage customer activity through real-time transaction processing,
proactive voice messaging, Web-based customer care tools and account
replenishment options.

* Sure-Tel Inc., an Oklahoma
City-based prepaid local telephone company, has selected DCA Services to
provide Sure-Tel with hosted services for its call center, OSS, provisioning,
billing, third-party verification and collections. Sure-Tel also will use DCA’s
point-of-sale software, DCA Customer Care, in its retail stores, the call center
and for outside sales agents.

The decision to outsource allows
Sure-Tel to reduce its provisioning, ordering and call center staff. However,
DCA plans to offer jobs to Sure-Tel staff members to ensure consistency for
Sure-Tel’s customers and to accommodate the increased workload at DCA from both
Sure-Tel and other large client contracts.

Sure-Tel provides prepaid
telecommunications service in eight states: Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas,
Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. The company plans to expand its service
to additional states this year.

* Vodafone UK has chosen Redknee
as its billing provider for prepaid data services. Redknee will provide
three network products: The Synaxis-5600 IP Charging Gateway, Synaxis-2100
Unified Rating Service and Synaxis-2100 Open Charging Gateway. The solutions
integrate into existing IP networks and OSS infrastructure, enabling network
operators to offer unified accounts for both voice and data services.

Vodafone will use the platform to
offer real-time rating and billing mediation for GPRS, including WAP and
multimedia messaging service content. Rating and pricing of data is based on
volume, time and type of content delivered. The Redknee solution also features
account management and control.

"Redknee’s solution offers
network operators the freedom to introduce consumer-oriented pricing for prepaid
data services with built-in control features. When a subscriber’s account is
depleted, the account status is updated, and both operators and subscribers are
automatically notified," says Duncan Ratcliffe, president and CEO for

* Voiceware Systems Inc. will
supply Nigeria’s top three prepaid calling card providers with its Telephony
Services Platform (TSP). Akklaim Communications Inc., Atlastco Communications
and Microtel Ltd. have installed the TSP.

Lagos-based Akklaim will use the
platform to support prepaid calling cards and prepaid enhanced services,
including voice mail, fax and conference calling. Atlastco, also based in the
capital, will use the TSP for prepaid and postpaid telecom services. Atlastco
specializes in the broadband services market, offering all flavors of ISP
services including wireless ISP. Microtel, out of Abuja, will replace an
existing prepaid card platform with the TSP.

Voiceware, headquartered in West
Palm Beach, Fla., has installations in 24 countries on six continents. Its
solutions include prepaid wireless, prepaid and postpaid calling cards, prepaid
dial tone and enhanced services.


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