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Posted: 2/2003

Product News

Primal Announces Conferencing

Primal Technologies Inc. has
released a new functionality for its conferencing platform: Instant Conference
1.1. The feature allows customers to create a reservationless multiparty
conference call. When combined with Primal’s real-time rating engine (included
in the platform), Instant Conference allows a service provider to offer a
pay-as-you-go, on-the-fly conferencing service.

Instant Conference 1.1 is the first
application to utilize the conference features of the enhanced services
platform, called the Primal Service Node (PSN). The PSN also provides centrally
supported voicemail, prepaid services, unified messaging and other applications
to service providers in North America, Europe and the Caribbean.

Primal Technologies Inc.
2570 Matheson Blvd. E., Suite 112
Mississauga, Ontario,
Canada, L4Z 3W8
Telephone: +1 905 629 9770

InnoMedia Releases IP VideoPhone

InnoMedia has released the MTA 3368
IP VideoPhone, the latest addition to its multimedia terminal adapter (MTA) 3000
series of IP-based, multimedia customer premises appliances. The VideoPhone
targets cable and broadband service providers worldwide that want to add video
telephony services.

The MTA3368 comes with a 4-inch
color LCD display, but has the look and feel of a regular telephone. The
VideoPhone supports bandwidth as high as 768kbps, and uses an embedded Linux
platform to support multimedia applications. Customers thus can deploy
applications such as video streaming, gaming and instant messaging on the same
platform and the video telephony.

The MTA 3368 supports all IP-based
communications protocols, including SIP, MGCP and H.323, for interoperability
with service providers’ infrastructure and equipment. It also supports
standards-based provisioning processes (HTTP, SNMP, TFTP, FTP and Telnet) to
lessen service providers’ burdens in maintaining large pools of customer premise
equipment (CPE). It also supports remote automatic firmware upgrades, parameters
configuration and IP address management.

InnoMedia Inc.
90 Rio Robles, Suite 100
San Jose, CA 95134
Telephone: +1 408 432 5520
Fax: +1 408 432 5404

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