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New Edge Networks' Scott Bridwell as Lucky Vantucky.The answer is:
Scott Bridwell, inside sales rep, New Edge Networks.

What is the question? Cmon the clock is ticking. Give up? Buzzz.

The correct answer is, Who is Lucky Vantucky?

Lucky, as he is now being called with frequency around the office, presently is the host of the Main Street quiz show on public access cable in Vancouver, Wash. (Ahh, so that explains the flashy suit.) Main Street Quiz consists of two teams of three people answering pop culture trivia questions from the 80s, 90s and today. (For those of you in the area, it airs at noon on Thursdays and 6 p.m. on Fridays.)

It might seem a departure for the former Eagle Scout and Marine, but the show calls upon Luckys experience in high school and college theater. Ive always liked public speaking and entertainment, so this is a pretty good fit for me. I get to be spontaneous, witty and use a bit of humor.”

Lucky auditioned and won the part in early 2010.

As apt as the Lucky Vantucky moniker is for a game show host, its not his first gig. No, indeed. That handle wasLucky Vantucky in action. something Scott Bridwell cooked up when he was hired on as an announcer for the Rose City Rollers, Portlands roller derby league. When I first signed up as a roller derby announcer they told me I needed a derby name,” Bridwell said. Vantucky is an old nickname that people in the Portland metro area still use when referring to Vancouver, Wash., which is a Portland suburb. Lucky rhymed with it, so I put the two together and there you go.”

In a nutshell: He rhymed Lucky with Vantucky and it stucky.” (Hows that for spontaneous wit?)

During the 2010 Roller Derby season (January through October), Lucky spent two to eight hours a week announcing the bouts. But he has stepped down from the post to focus more time on the game show. Presumably it is more lucrative? Paid LOL thats funny,” he said.

Lucky Vantucky proves that he's well-suited for his job.The quiz show turns out not only to be a labor of love,” but a bit of a family affair.” Lucky explained that a few of the New Edge Networks’ sound guys are on the crew. Since joining, Lucky also has convinced his co-workers to join in the fun as members of the studio audience and as contestants. Three New Edge Networks employees competed as the New Edge Networks team and won. Their opponents: The Rose City Rollers. (Telecom Geeks: 1. Mean skater chicks in hot pants: 0. I wonder what happened in the parking lot afterward?)

Words to live by: “I dont want to be known for what I stand for or against in life, I want to be known for how I respond to situations. In todays climate of polarizing social issues its easy to put people in a box. Id rather be known for how I treat people.”

First job: “At about 13 or 14, growing up in southeastern Tennessee, I started working at a church camp called Camp Cherokee. My first company type job was wait for it wait for it McDonalds in Athens, Tenn.”

Biggest regret: I once had the opportunity to audition for the Ringling Brothers Clown College; however I didnt go.”

Ride: 1965 T-bird

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