Personality+: Dominic Antonini On the Record

What do you do when you cant break dance? You beat juggle and back spin, of course. That was the thought process for 15-year-old Dominic Antonini a.k.a. DJ Dom*Unique. Fast forward about 20 years: Antonini is founder and CEO of master agency Telcombrokers, Santa Ana, Calif., but he still moonlights as a DJ and concert promoter.

In high school and college Dom made money DJing. I used to charge $5 per person for backyard parties, he recalled. The backyard bashes soon became club gigs all over Southern Cal from Hollywood to the Inland Empire. Doms turntable talent even landed him a radio show called The Edge. A musician and bandmate, Doms varied musical interests also include owning a recording studio. I produced a group called Stepchild that was signed to Capitol Records back in the 90s, he said.Dom at the 2009 Telcombroker's holiday party.

At the height of his success, DJ Dom*Unique was booked often five nights a week, but eventually his musical pursuit took a back seat to what was becoming a lucrative telecom business. Once I got married and had children and started making real money in telecom, it didn’t make sense to work all night long for $150-$200, he said.

While the pay has not improved over the years, that hasnt kept his hands off the mixer. Now I DJ about once a month in local clubs in OC and some private parties, he said. Dom recently opened for New Boyz at OCTANE (Orange County Talent Automotive and Nightlife Entertainment) at the Grove of Anaheim, an annual event combining performing artists, DJs and cars in a megaclub atmosphere. And, sources say he also DJs for Telcombrokers holiday parties.

The music I play is 80s, 90s, Dance, Hip Hop and top 40 stuff [and] some House music here and there. His favorites by genre include Swedish House Mafia for Electro, Lil Wayne and Baby Bash for New Hip Hop, Notorious BIG and LL Cool J for classic Hip Hop and Mary J. Blige for R&B.

DJ Dom*Unique at work.Ever the entrepreneur, Dom has turned his love of music into another venture as a concert promoter. I partnered up with some local promoters and am helping them to throw bigger events and helping them go from just a week-to-week hustle to really building an entertainment company, he said. The new venture, White Rabbit Group Inc., combines Doms business experience and his love of music lifes equivalent of the crossfade.

Thoughts on telecom: I have always liked local service; Magic Jack technology scares me, and international MPLS is my favorite product.

Words to live by: If there isn’t a way, then make one.

First job: At age 4, I found rocks in the backyard, painted them and sold them to my family.

Wish: Get a huge venue for free and throw a giant party.

Collections: I have 550 GB of music and music videos.

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