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Posted: 01/1998

International News

People on the Move

AVIRNEX Communications Group has appointed Geoff Mullins President of
Southeast Asia and Managing Director of AVIRNEX Communications Australia, Pty., Ltd.
Mullins has substantial experience in the communications industry, having served as
director and chair of a number of both public and private corporations with Australian and
international operations.

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) recently filled two positions in its
International Affairs Department. Christine Keck joins TIA as Manager of
Asia-Pacific programs. Her primary responsibility is the daily management of TIA’s trade
policy/promotion programs for the Asia-Pacific region. Also joining TIA is Mary Beth
Boswell as Manager of Europe and Newly Independent States programs.

Rapid Link Telecommunications announced the recent appointments of Josephine
as Vice President of Business and Development and Ervin Kollek as Chief
Technology Officer.

Lau has more than 25 years of experience in international networks and
telecommunications marketing. Kollek will use his prior experience as technical manager
for Advantis to upgrade and expand Rapid Link’s existing network.

Dr. Brian Smith, chair of Cable & Wireless plc, announced he will
retire as chair as of June. He will be succeeded by Sir Ralph Robins, chair of Rolls-Royce
and a non-executive director of Cable & Wireless.

Facilicom International (FCI) named Roland Honselaar Managing Director
of the company’s affiliate in the Netherlands. Honselaar will oversee all FCI sales,
marketing and operations activities in the region, which encompasses Belgium, Luxembourg
and the Netherlands.

ACC Announces Acquisition, Signs Interconnect Agreement

ROCHESTER, N.Y.–With the German telecommunications market slated for deregulation Jan.
1, ACC Corp.’s wholly owned subsidiary, ACC Telekommunikation GmbH, has acquired
TeleNational Communications Deutschland (TNC), a privately held German telecom services
provider. TNC supplies prepaid calling cards in Germany, and supports affinity programs
with corporations such as Lufthansa, Citibank and Diners Club.

"This acquisition gives us an immediate customer and revenue base, and adds
significant resources to our management team in Germany," said David Laniak, chair
and CEO of ACC. In related news, ACC has signed an interconnect agreement with Deutsche
Telekom and currently is installing a switch in Dusseldorf. The agreement outlines
organizational and technical details for using Deutsche Telekom’s network, and includes
provisional rates based on those set by the German Post and Telecommunication Ministry.

WorldxChange Prepares for Deregulation

SAN DIEGO–WorldxChange Communications recently enhanced its Wholesale Carrier
Services-International division, focusing its efforts on meeting the needs of emerging
telecommunications carriers throughout Europe.

WorldxChange also received an International Facilities License from the British
Department of Trade and Industry, which authorizes the company to own and operate segments
of international submarine cable facilities. With the granting of this license,
WorldxChange has purchased interests in several trans-Atlantic cable systems.

TELMEX Places Order for DCMS, DCMS Plus

GAITHERSBURG, Md.–ACE*COMM Corp. recently received a $1 million order from Telefonos
de Mexico for distributed call management systems (DCMS) and DCMS Plus. These systems will
provide DCMS redundancy for about 20 long distance switches and DCMS Plus redundancy for
about 20 local switches.

"ACE*COMM products are collecting TELMEX’s billing data from Lucent, Nortel,
Alcatel and Ericsson switches using multiple interface protocols. As their network
engineers and vendors change file formats or implement switch upgrades, ACE*COMM needs
only to modify the DCMS software to accommodate these changes," said Thomas Russotto,
vice president of the Tel*Com division for ACE*COMM.

Saville Expands in Europe

BURLINGTON, Mass.–To continue growth for its Convergent Billing Platform (CBP),
Saville Systems has opened a third European office that will support telecom service
providers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Eastern Europe. Also, Saville has agreed to
provide its CBP to EnerTel, a Dutch telecom provider, enabling the company to bring
national and international telecom services to the newly deregulated market.

"Flexible billing and customer care are major differentiators for us as we go
head-to-head with PTT [Neder-land]," said Ad Ketelaars, EnerTel’s managing director.
"It is important that EnerTel invest in a billing system that can meet our future
needs as well as our initial requirements."

RSL Expands Operations

HAMILTON, Bermuda–RSL Communications, Ltd., through its U.S. operating unit, RSL COM
U.S.A. Inc., and Japan Telecom Co., Ltd., have signed an operation agreement to exchange
telephone traffic between the United States and Japan.

RSL also announced it will be expanding its telecom facilities into Switzerland and
Spain. In Switzerland, RSL acquired an 80 percent interest in Zurich-based long distance
company, Callcom. Alexander Rivas-Micoud will be establishing RSL’s operations in Spain.

Lucent to Provide Network for Retevision

MADRID–Lucent Technologies has won a $45 million contract to provide the first phase
of Spanish telecommunications services provider Retevision’s new telecom network.

Lucent will supply, install and maintain Retevision’s intelligent network, which will
be based on Lucent’s 5ESS-2000 digital switching system. With its new network, Retevision
will offer its customers toll-free calling services and will gather customer demographics
for billing purposes.

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