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Posted: 07/2002


By Tara Seals

COMMUNICATIONS has announced a three-pronged company redirection and agent
program relaunch, which will take the company to new service sectors.

The carrier will make its redesigned
agent channel the primary focus adding new services such as presubscribed long
distance for the residential market and dedicated circuits for businesses, and
it will target small and medium-sized businesses.

The company historically has had a
strong wholesale focus, a direct-sell dial-around product and a multilevel
marketing (MLM) agent strategy for the residential market. However, since
emerging from bankruptcy more than a year ago, WorldxChange has been shifting
its resources to concentrate on the alternate channel.

In April, WorldxChange recruited its
new CEO, Ken Hilton, from Excel Communications Inc. to spearhead the companywide
shift. Hilton was executive vice president for North America and headed up
Excel’s immense MLM-based agent channel for almost five years.

"Wholesale margins are small
and bad debt is a problem, and coincident with that we found the agent channel
to be very successful," Hilton explains the reasons for WorldxChange’s new
direction. "It’s a natural progression given the environment."

The new agent program still contains
a significant MLM component, but the compensation plan and residual commissions
structure places an emphasis on bringing in customers rather than subagents.
"There are rich rewards for personal customer gathering," says Hilton.
"It’s a strong message that you need to go out and get customers."

Also, Hilton says the program is
tailored for traditional, professional telecom agents in addition to MLM
partners. "There are a lot of switchless resellers going out of business,
and we want to be a stable home for those true-blue telecommunications agents
looking to move business in shifting sands."

One way WorldxChange will attract
those agents is by expanding its portfolio. It has launched 1+ service for small
business and residential customers, and it plans to offer data lines such as T1s
and other dedicated services. The offerings also reflect a new customer target
for the company: small and medium-sized businesses.

"Agents will be instrumental in
leveraging us into that market, and so, we clearly understand that our success
is 100 percent based on our dedication to the agent channel, and we will provide
all the support, training and back office that we can to support agents,"
says Hilton.

The carrier’s agent intranet offers
CDR information updated daily, live ordering and subscription and online
commissions tracking. Hilton notes WorldxChange is funded well and is stable
financially. It also has a strong network and infrastructure.

This is not the last word on
WorldxChange. The company plans to announce mergers and acquisitions during the
next year that will enhance its service offerings.


Communications Inc.


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