PARTNER CHANNEL: Norcom Reprises Agent Bonus Program

Posted: 12/2002

Norcom Reprises Agent Bonus

By Josh Long

marketing local, long-distance and wireless services to small- and medium-sized
businesses, is offering its independent sales partners a new bonus incentive
that will pay dividends in 2004.

The program is modeled after one the
company just concluded. In November, Norcom was scheduled to pay six master
agents a total of $1 million stemming from an earlier bonus program. One agent
would receive half of the money due to the large volume of business the
individual booked on behalf of Norcom, according to Julian Jacquez, COO of

Under the new program sales partners
generating more than $100,000 in monthly commissionable revenue as of April 2004
will receive a bonus check for that same amount a few months later. The program
has no effect on residual payments and rewards. Agents booking more than
$200,000 in monthly commissionable revenue double that amount in a bonus
payment, says Jacquez. The commissionable revenue is based on usage revenue
minus taxes, the universal service fund fee and the primary interexchange
carrier charge.

Agents booking less than $100,000 as
of April 2004 also can receive a bonus, Jacquez says. "Our goal is to get
everyone into the bonus money at least to some extent," says Jacquez, who
underscored that the company’s most valuable asset is its relationships with its
sales partners.

Norcom officially sold 4,000 small-
and medium-sized business accounts to NUI Telecom Inc. in August, but the terms
of the agreement called for Norcom to continue sales, marketing and
distribution, while NUI would provide the back-office and network operations

NUI and Norcom have a unique
relationship. Even though NUI directly interconnects with underlying carriers,
posts bond, oversees regulatory issues and negotiates resale agreements with the
likes of AT&T Corp. and Global Crossing Ltd., among its many other duties as
a telephone provider, Norcom remains involved in contract negotiations with the
underlying carriers, Jacquez said.

Leveraging the resale agreements NUI
inks with the underlying carriers, including Verizon Wireless, Norcom sells
long-distance and wireless services across the country and provides local
service in eight states through the unbundled network element platform (UNE-P).
The company is marketing dial tone in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Maine,
Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Tennessee and Vermont. NUI also has a presence in
New York and New Jersey, but Norcom has yet to market services there. Norcom
anticipates providing local service in most of the remaining BellSouth Corp. and
Verizon states in 2003, Jacquez said.


AT&T Corp.

BellSouth Corp.

Global Crossing Ltd.


NUI Telecom Inc.

Verizon Wireless

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