PARTNER CHANNEL: DA Reseller Finds New Number for Agents

Posted: 7/2003

DA Reseller Finds New Number for Agents

By Khali Henderson

assistance (DA)
calls run upwards of
$2.99 with convenience add-ons like call completion and are costing U.S.
businesses more than $3.7 billion a year, or about $25 per employee, according
to an estimate from TeleDeal Inc.

Recognizing this cost center, TeleDeal founder
and president George Jones, struck a deal with an undisclosed call center to
resell DA services at a discount of up to 80 percent. The company began building
an agent network June 1 to rollout the new product to businesses.

Admittedly, DA is a niche product that Jones
hopes will distinguish TeleDeal, a new venture that also is a reseller of long
distance and a master agency for IP VPN and dedicated Internet services. Jones,
a satelliteindustry pioneer and alumnus of Sprint and SBC, says DA is a slam-dunk
and easy-to-sell solution that agents should find quite attractive and

TeleDeals research shows DA can account for 10
percent to 30 percent of a companys bill. Heres how: calls to 411 through
LECs or CLECs average $1.25 and calls to NPA-555-1212 through the IXC can be as
high $2.99 (including 50 cents for call completion). If employees of 500-
employee company average about two DA calls per month, thats about 1,000
calls per month and a cost of about $1,500.

TeleDeals solution can whittle that to around
$300. TeleDeals outsourced DA calls are priced as low as 37 cents, Jones
says, who notes the change in service is transparent to the end user; there is
no change to dialing patterns and the switch handles the transfer of the call.

Customers are given an 800 number, which is
programmed into their PBX or telephone system to route any dialed 411, 555-1212
or NPA-555-1212 calls to TeleDeals Directory Assistance Service Center, where
a live operator answers and provides up to two listings per call. The operator
retrieves the listing if found and sends it to an audio announcement system for
broadcast to the caller. TeleDeal has blocked automated call completion

Jones notes TeleDeal resells services of the same
call center that provides DA service to other telephone companies. About 90
percent of the data is sourced directly from telephone companies and updated
daily, he adds.

TeleDeal offers agents a second option for
helping customers lower their DA costs. TeleDeal has a contract with a major IXC
to provide DA calls at 50 cents (versus $1.99) for customers using TeleDeals
dedicated long distance at rates just under a penny per minute.

TeleDeal is seeking agents to target midsize to
large customers that have at least 200 DA calls per month.

TeleDeal provides agents a state-bystate chart
explaining the LEC/CLEC and IXC DA rates and the savings available to customers
through TeleDeal. TeleDeal also has developed a one-page quote/order form to use
in signing up customers.

A simple spreadsheet serves as a DA
Calculator, enabling agents to plug in variables, such as state, PIC, number
of employees, number of DA calls, retail rate and/or contingency fee to
determine customer savings. Agents can mark up the service as they see fit,
though Jones recommends targeting 50- percent savings.

TeleDeal offers evergreen residual
commission payments that provide the agent continuing monthly compensation for
as long as the customer is using TeleDeals DA services.

TeleDeal Inc.

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