PaeTec, NAS Partner To Provide DSL Services

Posted: 11/1999

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PaeTec, NAS Partner To Provide DSL Services

Sterling, Va.-based Network Access Solutions (NAC) and Fairport, N.Y.-based PaeTec
Communications Inc. have signed a contract in which PaeTec will provide NAC’s CopperNet
digital subscriber line (DSL) service throughout the Northeast. The two-year contract is
valued between $6 million and $10 million.

The partnership positions PaeTec as a leading provider of DSL services in the
Northeast, and, according to Chairman and CEO Arunas Chesonis, it is an integral part of
PaeTec’s future plans for network expansion.

"DSL is an important new service to add to our portfolio because many customers
want cost-effective high-speed access to their private data networks and the
Internet," Chesonis said in a press release. "This agreement … accelerates
PaeTec’s aggressive network expansion plan."

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