Online Companies Determine Top Games of 2004

Online wireless retailer LetsTalk and the editors of, a destination for video gamers, have issued a Top 10 List of Wireless Games for 2004 as well as Editor’s Choice Awards of the best games to buy for the upcoming holiday season.

"Cell phones have become so much more than just a communication device," says Delly Tamer, CEO of LetsTalk. "Wireless games are leading many people to upgrade to more technically advanced handsets and networks. Some market analysts suggest that 120 million people currently play games on wireless devices worldwide, an astonishing number that we think will grow as more and more people upgrade their devices."

Wireless carriers have made downloading games easy. Some games charge a monthly subscription while others charge a one-time fee.

The Top 10 List of Wireless Games for 2004 was organized by editors and staff and includes a mix of fantasy, sports and movie-related games. Criteria were based on the quality and general addictiveness of the game. The results are as follows:

1. Might & Magic Gameloft

2. Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow

3. JAMDAT Sports NFL 2005 JAMDAT

4. Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 JAMDAT

5. The Incredibles Disney

6. Castlevania UpStart Games

7. DRIV3R Sorrent

8. Neverwinter Nights JAMDAT

9. Baldur’s Gate Sorrent

10. Predator Indiagames

Meanwhile, the editors choice for best games are:

1. The Incredibles Disney

2. Might and Magic Gameloft

3. VANS Skate & Slam Gameloft

4. Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 JAMDAT

5. JAMDAT Sports NFL 2005 JAMDAT

6. Neverwinter Nights JAMDAT

7. Predator Indiagames

8. Gauntlet Digital Bridges

9. SpongeBob Squarepants Darts THQ Wireless

10. Deer Hunter Sorrent

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