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half-marathon, but I didnt run in it.

Why? My excuse was work got in the way, and to a certain degree, it did. Letting it interfere was rather silly since two weeks before the marathon I ran 15 miles, so I was totally capable of running the race. It just seems like theres just too much to do in the day, too much other stuff going on, and sometimes you cant catch a break. At least that is how it feels.

We spend millions of dollars in self-help books, motivational tapes and seminars, and weight-loss pills. We spend countless hours on workout machines, in front of computers and cold calling, yet we often dont obtain the goals we set for ourselves.

The problem, for most of us, is we dont set obtainable goals that factor in the little crazy parts of life. We also can lack patience and dedication, since we all want immediate results. I know I do. We say we want to lose 30 pounds, but the first five pounds are the hardest. We want to build success, but most of us have little idea what the first step would be.

A colleague recently turned me on to, which I have found to be a very useful site for anyone with a goal, no matter how crazy. The info page of the site says, Given a couple of weeks, months, years or a lifetime, what would you like to get done? boasts it will help you with any goal, ranging from trimming your nails to exploring the ocean floor.

By breaking any goal into small, manageable pieces and tracking your progress, it helps spell out each step on the road of accomplishment. The site has hundreds of premade goal plans and the option to build your own. Your profile will be set up with checklists and automatic e-mail reminders will appear in your inbox to keep you motivated and on track.

We all have goals ranging from things we want to do by the end of the work day all the way to where we want our companies to be in five years. allows flexibility in your plan because life throws us curves, and priorities change. If your goal is to meet that special someone and you achieve it, your goal quickly changes to planning a wedding, or learning to be a good husband or even father (all those are pre-made on the site).

In an industry of busy, motivated individuals, it is sometimes overwhelming to keep track of all we want to achieve. Give this site a try and see if you cant accomplish something great today. As for me, Im currently signed-up for the 2006 half-marathon. I recently started training again. One thing Ive learned about obtaining goals is that it helps to tell somebody so I decided to tell 25,000 readers. If youd like to tell 25,000 readers about your goals, drop me a line. My e-mail address is



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