Nutanix: Partners ‘in Unique Position’ to Grow Company’s Customer Base

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… the program matures and evolves.

CP: Are there new and increasing opportunities for partners with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud? Can you give some examples?

RF: Partners are looking to deliver services beyond hyperconverged infrastructure into enterprise cloud, which will give customers the ability to introduce flexibility into their environments to migrate or switch between cloud solutions seamlessly and quickly. Our partners have many opportunities for innovation and expansion in enterprise cloud centers, especially around automation and orchestration, self-service portals and marketplaces, as well as DevOps and IT transformation. Many of these services and opportunities are available via Nutanix Calm, Nutanix’s advanced automation and orchestration solution for applications running in Nutanix clouds and public cloud services, like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

CP: What are the biggest challenges facing Nutanix and what will be your role and the channel’s role in addressing them?

RF: Nutanix has an outstanding product, but we’re faced with the challenge of creating new opportunities for the business around the globe, which involves getting the message to more customers and reaching more areas of the market. Partners are in a unique position to help us expand our [total addressable market] in a more effective and timely manner. As we transform to a software company and look to broaden our customer base, the channel becomes even more critical to establish new connections for us.

CP: How will your experience come into play in solving challenges Nutanix faces?

RF: Previously, I led the cloud software channel business, which brought in the most revenue and partners of any IBM indirect business. This experience provided me with the background needed to know what each partner in the ecosystem needs to be successful. With these tools on hand, I will lead Nutanix’s channel organization to have an advantage when working with resellers, system integrators and service providers. My experience in working with all types of partner across the globe will help us build a strategy and focus for each partner type and each country where we have a presence, which will help grow our business in the channel moving forward.

CP: What do you plan to accomplish during your first year in this new position?

RF: My one-year plan focuses on defining a global channel strategy for Nutanix, which expands on our current partner success to make sure we are delivering the program, tools and support our partners need to be successful in the market. We will leverage our existing partner base to obtain a larger market share and we need to better empower our current partners to execute and obtain new customers as well as to deliver value and successful implementations of Nutanix products.

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