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Phone Usage:

Women Closing the Gap

AT&T Inc. has announced that women are catching up with men in cell phone usage, according to an annual poll commissioned by the company. According to the survey of approximately 1,000 users, men average 458 minutes of monthly wireless phone usage, and women average 453 minutes. Historically, the gap was significantly larger. In 2002, men averaged 589 minutes and women talked only 394 minutes, and in 2005 men averaged 571 minutes and women talked only 424 minutes. The survey results also indicate that women use the gaming, camera and text-messaging features more frequently than men, and men use their devices for wireless e-mail and accessing the Internet more frequently than women.


People want to be part of a company that has more dreams than memories.
Microsoft Inc. COO Kevin Turner speaking to an audience of VARs attending CompTIA Inc.s Breakaway about the companys legacy and its need to continually prove itself.

Texting Tipsters

With more mobile users relying on text messages to communicate every day, the Boston Police Department is launching a first of its kind text message-based tip line. The new Crime Stoppers tip line, designed by Hill Holliday and powered by VeriSign Inc., enables Boston residents to provide information anonymously about crimes that might help police make their communities safer.

VeriSign powers the platform, provisioned the C-R-I-M-E short code and manages the systems easy-to-use interface. Citizens simply will text the word tip to C-R-I-M-E (27463) to provide information. The information received will be channeled to a police department interface. The VeriSign system masks all personal identifiable information (e.g., mobile phone numbers) before sending any text-messaged information to the police department. Through the interface, the Boston Police Department immediately can exchange messages with the tipster to obtain information about the crime and the details necessary to respond rapidly.

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