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Tired of no one understanding what you want from them? Now theres a machine that will read your mind and do what you want, the first time. For now, though, its all just a game. San Francisco-based Emotiv Systems Inc. has developed a brain-computer interface called Project Epoc that lets players manipulate objects in a gaming console.

The headset detects a players thoughts, feelings and expressions by tuning into electric signals produced by the brain.

The computer differentiates among thoughts such as lifting an object or rotating it, detects and mimics a users facial expressions and responds to the players emotions.

We are incorporating computer-based activities not only into the way we work, learn and communicate, but also into the way we relax, socialize and entertain ourselves, says Nam Do, co-founder and CEO of Emotiv Systems. The next step is to enhance these experiences by making the way we interact with computers more lifelike.

Emotiv scientists plan to take mind-reading beyond gaming. They say the technology can be used in interactive television, accessibility design, market research, medicine and security. The company has raised $6.3 million in private funding from investors including Technology Venture Partners, Epicure Capital Partners and Australias federal government.

Text 2 Don8

Cricket Communications Inc. is marrying mobile technology and philanthropy with a new program called Text2Care that will allow Cricket customers to make donations to participating charities by simply sending a text message. The convenience of donating by text message allows supporters to act at the moment a charity has top-of-mind awareness and only takes a few seconds to complete the transaction. Donations are charged to the donors mobile account so there is no need to communicate credit card information, talk to a representative or send a check. The service is offered in partnership with Mobile Accord Inc., an ASP offering mobile fundraising and constituent contact solutions to the nonprofit sector.


The next killer app is ease of use.

AT&Ts COO, Randall Stephenson, in his keynote address at CTIA Wireless 2007.


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