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Inspired by astronaut Lisa Nowak, the Game Show Network has created an online game for lonely hearts suffering from a recent breakup or an unwanted admirer. The cable channel has created Astronaut Moonstalker, an online game about an animated astronaut in a space lander. Collecting items in various caverns, then landing successfully, ends the love fest of the happy astronaut couple that plagues the player. Mission accomplished.

Just remember one thing. Theres a diaper meter. And if it reaches full, the lander explodes. (The diaper meter refreshes each time the player captures an empty diaper.)

Other items mocking the weaponry found in Nowaks trunk when she drove 900 miles to Florida to confront her supposed rival earn points for players. BB guns earn players more ammo. Knives and mallets open doors. Pepper spray adds more fuel. If the player lands the craft without crashing, a more difficult round begins. What better way to take your emotions to the next level?

Justin in a Box

If your teenage daughter doesnt have Verizon Wireless service, shes probably begging you for it. Justin Timberlake (you know, Mr. Former Boy-Bander) has his own channel on Verizon Wireless V CAST service. Hes the first artist to launch his own mobile channel, which will have four iterations: fashion, film, music and lifestyle. The channel will feature fashion show snippets, interviews with Justin and more. With JT-TV, I am able to express myself and share more of my creativity directly with my fans, says Timberlake. And girls everywhere swoon.


We hope you all get wealthy and rich because we cant do it all ourselves.

Mike Hassett, senior vice president, Business Solutions Group Sales and Marketing for Verizon, at the Spring 2007 Channel Partners Conference & Expo, during the Carrier Roundtable general session (see related story).

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