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A Safe Place in Cyberspace

Parents worried about predators tracking their school-age children via online social sites now have an alternative to forums such as MySpace and Facebook. Its called safeTspace and was created by a team of government and financial security consultants with the help of Jabber Inc. Heres how it works: With the help of a trusted adult, a child registers for an account. The parent or guardian receives an e-mailed registration letter to sign. The child takes the signed letter and a form of identification to his or her school for fingerprinting and verification by a safeTspace Trusted Agent. The agent then enrolls the child in the program and activates the account. Parents need to buy a fingerprint reader because kids access their accounts by entering their IDs, passwords and fingerprints, ensuring only school-age children are talking with.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Virgin Mobile USA LLC now provides a postage-paid recycling envelope in every new handset package. We believe making it easy for our used phones to be returned and reused is the most responsible step to take, said Dan Schulman, CEO of Virgin Mobile USA, noting less than 10 percent of an estimated 500 million unused phones are recycled.

The MVNO has partnered with ReCellular, a company that collects, recycles and resells used cell phones and accessories. If a phone cannot be reused or refurbished, it will be recycled for uses such as plastic fencing and toy production. All proceeds go to programs that help homeless youth.


“People in our business like to talk about bits and bytes and speeds and feeds and features and functions, but the most important thing is the soft stuff. It’s the soft stuff that gets you through the hard times. It’s customer care. It’s your relationships. It’s the migrations, escalation and trouble-resolutions processes because nothing is perfect.”
Lisa Pierce, vice president of the telecom and network’s research group for Forrester Research, speaking to the Sprint Business Solutions Partners in Chicago in November (see related story on Page 17), noting that in a survey of enterprises regarding vendor attributes, only “the human touch,” was chosen by a majority of respondents as the most important. “This is where you make a difference in your customers’ lives,” she added.

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