Controlling cell phone use in the classroom is a big challenge for teachers, but most American parents do not want schools to forbid children from bringing the devices onto school property. A recent survey by OSS provider ACE*COMM Corp. shows parents mostly are concerned about scheduling and safety issues. Of the 1,000 parents polled:

  • 99 percent want to be able to contact their children and have their children contact them via cell phone in an emergency.
  • 99 percent want their children to be able to contact them by cell phone if a dangerous situation arises on the way to or from school.
  • 84 percent want to be able to contact their children and have their children contact them via cell phone during school hours if there is a schedule change.
  • 71 percent of parents say their children need a cell phone at school because school administrators wont allow them to use the office phone except in case of illness or emergency.

A Little Kiwi Money

Rochester Institute of Technology student Micah Ernst plans to take a trip to New Zealand, pay off college loans and buy a largescreen TV with the $100,000 he recently won in Verizon Communications Inc.s first online gaming competition the Verizon FiOS Grand Tournament. Ernst, 23, from Meadville, Penn., bested the tournaments eight finalists during a live contest in Hermosa Beach, Calif. More than 6,000 people registered to take part in the online video game tournament. The seven other finalists won Alienware systems and monitors, ATI Radeon videocards and Saitek Gamers keyboards.


Were resisting a converged network because of a single point of failure.

Ramón J. Venero, director of facilities and administration for the Society for Human Resource Management, during the Telecom Town Hall at the Fall 2006 Channel Partners Conference & Expo, where he and his end-user peers discussed what buyers want from channel partners (see story on Page 36).

Alternate Channel

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