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If you need a refresher course on the changing telecom industry, check out the recently published Telecom for Dummies. The book explains everything from the intricacies of VoIP to the finer points of being a RespOrg. Author Stephen P. Olejniczak is director of operations for carrier ATI. I have spent 14 years in telecom taking care of people and solving their dedicated, switched and toll-free problems, and just want to get the information out to the masses, he says. Styled in the familiar For Dummies format, Olejniczaks book features tips and warnings, and delves into troubleshooting, such as figuring out problems with switched networks and dedicated circuits.

Modern-Day Divining Rod

Rising gas prices and summertime travel are not the best combination. But Verizon Wireless Mobile Web 2.0 customers have access to MobileGates FuelFinder, which seeks out the most inexpensive fuel by zip cope, city or recent search. FuelFinder reports national high, low and average fuel prices and gives Verizon Wireless users an interactive color map that plots FuelFinders results. The tool also provides turnby- turn directions to the selected gas station FuelFinder costs $1.99 per month.


There is no doubt that protecting the security of the American people is our governments No. 1 responsibility. But in a digital age where collecting, distributing and manipulating consumers personal information is as easy as a click of a button, the privacy of our citizens must still matter. To get to the bottom of this situation, the FCC should initiate an inquiry into whether the phone companies involvement violated Section 222 or any other provisions of the Communications Act.

FCC Commissioner Michael J. Copps in a statement issued May 15 in response to allegations that some of the countrys largest phone companies cooperated with the National Security Agency by handing over citizens phone records.

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