Jetsetters Keep in Touch

Travelers now can keep in constant touch when they fly in business jets, thanks to the new MiniMIJET antenna from Starling Advanced Communication Ltd.

The device provides two-way Ku band-based connectivity for broadband in-flight applications, such as the Internet, VPN, PDA,VoIP, e-mail, mobile phones, video conferencing, instant messaging and entertainment.

Starling made the antenna for business jets ranging from four-seaters to large VIP planes. The MiniMIJET offers transmission bit rate of up to 512kbps and reception bit rate from 4mbps to 7mbps.

Be NICE When Calling

Next time you call your bank, cable or phone company and lose your cool, a manager on the other end will know about it before your anger hits its peak. Your call will be not only recorded, but saved for training purposes and corporate analysis.

Emotion detection is the latest technology from NICE Systems, which develops call-recording systems for a number of Fortune 100 companies.

When your voice hits a certain decibel level, or if you use harsh or foul language (or the name of a competitor), NICEs call-monitoring system will issue an alert to call center managers that theres a problem. This can bring speedier intervention by a manager and swifter resolution of your issue.

Why? Companies spend a fortune to acquire customers, and theyll do everything they can to hold onto them.

Like all recorded calls, your angry call will be digitized and stored on a server, where it can be batched with other angry calls, searched by keyword and e-mailed as a sound file among company managers. The idea? Find out what makes callers angry and address the problem system-wide.


We need your help.

Vonage Holdings Corp. Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Citron addressing state regulators at the fall meeting of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners. Citron admitted to a rocky start with the states, which Vonage previously had tried to exclude from the regulatory process. With the FCCs order requiring VoIP providers to provision E911 services, however, Citron said he realized he underestimated the states role in helping meet that objective.

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National Association of Regulatory Utility Commisioners
NICE Systems
Starling Advanced Communication Ltd.
Vonage Holdings Corp.

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