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SAD at Work

White-collar workers increasingly suffer from communication overload that leads to stress, anger and distraction (SAD), according to research by Britain’s University of Surrey.

Commissioned by Siemens, the study also found demand for instant, constant communication has degraded business etiquette and bred resentment of intrusion and brought about “the advent of the SAD worker.”

To improve modern business communications etiquette, the researchers suggest following these rules:

  • Have your mobile phone off or on silent during meetings
  • Change your mobile voicemail to request text for urgent messages
  • Turn device screens off when holding meetings in your office
  • If you are expecting an urgent call, apologize and warn others in advance
  • The person you are talking to deserves your full attention
  • Hold private calls in private places
  • Break out of e-mail jail - talk to your colleagues

Technology is not power - it doesn’t signify your importance, researchers say.

Serving Her Country

Several Americans stationed in Germany received a surprise phone call recently from country music star Reba McEntire, who was headlining an anniversary concert for Philadelphia radio station 92.5 XTU. Concertgoers and celebrities took advantage of video phone access provided by WorldGate Communications Inc. and the USO to talk with troops in Germany, Korea and Fort Hood, Texas, over WorldGate’s Ojo video phone. McEntire talked with three service people stationed at a military hospital in Kaiserslautern, Germany.


“We need to be prepared to steal shamelessly from anyone who has a good idea.”

- BellSouth Corp. CTO Bill Smith in a luncheon keynote sponsored by USTA at SUPERCOMM 2004, referring to the telecom industry’s need to get away from the “not invented here” mentality when considering technological standards for equipment and networks.

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