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The phenom Web reality show, “The Spot,” has graduated from the computer to Sprint PCS Vision phones. Noting America’s appetite for unscripted drama, Sprint has launched the original content series on its enhanced Nationwide PCS Network for select PCS Vision phones. Subscribers can interact with the show’s so-called Spotmates, directly influencing program’s plot.

“The Spot” follows the daily lives of five twenty-somethings living in a seven-bedroom beach house in Santa Monica, Calif. The show, co-produced by Cyber Oasys Corp. and StewdioMedia Entertainment Group., started on the Internet in 1995, and quickly became one of the Web’s most-visited sites.


Prophecy and prayer now are available through your wireless phone from the writers of the best-selling evangelical Christian Left Behind series that focuses on the people “left behind” after the rapture. The Left Behind Mobile Prophecies, provided through Airborne Entertainment, let users read a daily prophecy, complete with insight from authors Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye. Users also receive a daily devotional, a regularly refreshed feature that offers prayer, meditation or quotes. Both can be stored as bookmarks on the user’s handset. Mobile Prophecies is the first of several Left Behind wireless applications. An initial set of Left Behind cell phone wallpaper is available, and other products are scheduled for release soon.


“Interference may not be all that bad. It’s a way of advertising.”

- Al Richenbacher, chief network architect with PPL Telcom, joking at UTC Telecom 2004 about how three amateur radio operators who complained broadband over powerline (BPL) technology interfering with their ham radios later became BPL customers. Richenbacher says PPL Telcom solved their interference problems.

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