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The Central Texas Parole Violator Facility in San Antonio won the first of three systems to be awarded in Strix Systems Inc.’s Ethernet- Unfriendly Building Contest. Strix Systems designs, develops and markets wireless network systems, and sponsored the three month-long contest which ended in April. The idea was to present one enterprise-class wireless network system each month to organizations with locations that defied conventional Ethernet cabling. VARs nominated their customers, or customers entered their names through the Strix Systems Web site. Each nomination detailed why the organization’s environment was the least hospitable to structured wiring installation. DataScan Technologies Inc., a Houston reseller, nominated the prison as the most Ethernet-unfriendly location.

Strix Systems installed a secure WLAN that will allow prison officials to keep an eagle eye on jailbirds. Strix’s Access/One Network lets video cameras, alarms, phones, notebooks and PDAs connect from anywhere within the coverage area.

Strix planned to deploy the nodes in secure enclosures so inmates cannot damage them.

Don’t Blow Your Cover

Being connected all the time has its drawbacks, but never fear: A German company, Simeda, has devised a technology to help get you out of unwanted cell phone chats. The SounderCover has a ringer that can sound 15 seconds into a conversation, making the other person think you have another call. It also allows you to add a background sound - circus, dentist’s office, traffic or thunderstorm - to any incoming or outgoing call, so you can enjoy that round of golf in the middle of the workday.

Russell Simmons


“In your industry, it’s the young, cool customer. Period. And if you speak to them, in their language, then they will tell the rest of the world, and if they don’t like what you’re doing, it can be very difficult to move anything in any meaningful numbers.”

- Hip hop mogul Russell Simmons at CTIA Wireless 2004

DataScan Technologies Inc.
Strix Systems Inc.

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