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Second Breakfast:
Jackson Helps Himself to Polycom Technology

While cinematic epics such as “Star Wars” have taken decades to complete, Polycom Inc.’s video communications technologies allowed Oscar-winning “The Lord of the Rings” director Peter Jackson to film that grand trilogy in 274 days and in more than 150 locations. The effort marked a first in large-scale film production.

Jackson also viewed daily footage by linking the movie cameras into Polycom’s video-conferencing systems and viewing the footage over a high-speed network connection from either the Pinewood editing studio in Britain, the main studio in Warkworth, New Zealand, or on location. The real-time interaction with the film crews and location directors resulted in fewer re-takes, which shortened filming time and reduced costs.

Video conferencing also played a key role in the post-production process as deadlines loomed. Crewmembers used Polycoms systems that let Jackson provide input from New Zealand to the music studios in London on the final music score. Polycom executives say their video-conferencing systems performed over thousands of kilometers and under unfavorable climactic conditions, never once failing. The products also performed in subzero temperatures in the winter, searing heat in the summer and endured being bounced around in the backs of vehicles.


Champions of Competition honoree, FCC Commissioner Kevin Martin.

“The fight is now up to you … Speak now or forever hold your peace. You must now be your own champions.”

-FCC Commissioner Kevin Martin receiving the Champions of Competition award at February’s CompTel/ASCENT Alliance Convention and Expo in Anaheim. Martin warned members about the RBOCs’ push to reverse the TRO. For more coverage of the spring show, click here.

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Pioneer Telephone was misidentified in PHONE+ ad index. You may find Pioneer Telephone on the Web at PHONE+ regrets the error.

A March PHONE+ article:, “FCC Under Pressure on VoIP,” gave the wrong figure for the amount carriers such as AT&T and Level 3 pay the Bells to terminate calls under reciprocal compensation rules. The correct figure is .07 cents a minute.

A March article on Acceris Communications Inc. incorrectly described the company’s structure. Acceris’ channel partner business has been integrated into the Acceris Communications brand. PHONE+ regrets the error.

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