Posted: 3/2004

Mobile Mini-Movies

Attendees at this months CTIA Wireless 2004 conference in Atlanta can view
entries into the second annual The Worlds Smallest Film Festival. Sponsored
by Los Angeles-based Big- Digit Inc., the festival was introduced last year to
showcase very short films (no longer than 2 minutes), animation and music videos
on mobile phones and provide opportunities for technology companies to showcase
their technology.

Works in the BigDigit library include: The Lazy Mans Guide to Fine Living
(a cross between Martha Stewart and Home Improvement with tips on repairing
homes with dental floss, duct tape and white-out); Tribes of… offering
30-second glimpses into the mosaic of subcultures that make up the world; and
Unsigned Garage Bands, a showcase of music videos from unsigned bands around
the world.


Richard Notebaert

Its not the architecture I like. Im an ATM person. Its kind of like beta
vs. VHS. I lost. Its VoIP.

Richard Notebaert, chairman and CEO, Qwest Communications International
Inc., speaking at a Qwest Business Partner Program meeting in Denver in January
on the carriers recent move to offer VoIP.

Move Over, Billboard

Popular culture and capitalism will become even more entwined later this
month when the global trade association, the Mobile Entertainment Forum,
launches its UK Ringtones Top 20 Chart. The MEF calls the information the
authoritative fortnightly chart that provides the music and ringtone industry
with a sales chart and whats hot in this fastmoving and important sector of the
UK mobile music industry.

Global professional services firm KPMG is compiling the MEF UK Ringtones Top
20. Media analyst Calum Chace says the chart will show the industry where
consumers tastes lie. It will track the convergence of fashion, fads and
phones and it will highlight the commercial opportunity for the mobile music
industry as more music is consumed in the form of ringtones, Chace says. For
instance, we can expect to see different songs topping the MEF Ringtones Chart
and traditional music charts, as they are bought for different purposes and used
on different media.

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BigDigit Inc.
Mobile Entertainment Forum
Qwest Communications International Inc.
Songseekers International

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