Posted: 4/2003


can best be described as our day of the hanging chad. We got three votes, and we
don’t want to go back and count them again."

–David W. Dorman, chairman and
CEO, AT&T Corp., during his keynote address at the Comptel Annual Conference
& Exposition, referring to the FCC’s Triennial Review ruling.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Los Angeles Times reports Apple Computer Inc. co-founder and wireless
entrepreneur Steve Wozniak is leaving his castle-like home and moving to a
nearby California property he owns so he can get digital service for his GSM
cell phone.

Preserving Our Digital History

Information is being produced in
greater quantities and with greater frequency than at any time in history.
Electronic media, especially the Internet, make it possible for almost anyone to
become a "publisher." How will society preserve this information and
make it available to future generations? How will libraries and other
repositories classify this information so their patrons can find it with the
same ease that they can locate a book on a shelf?

an attempt to answer these questions, the Library of Congress has received
approval from the U.S. Congress for its "Plan for the National Digital
Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program," which will enable the
library to begin building a national infrastructure for the collection and
long-term preservation of digital content. The legislation asks the library to
raise up to $75 million in private funds and in-kind contributions, which
Congress will match dollar-for-dollar. For more information about the digital
preservation program, contact

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The Library of Congress


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