Posted: 3/2003

Rage Against the Machine

2002 survey of British workers commissioned by Connect Support Services Ltd.,
and carried out by online research firm YouGov, shows that the anger and
frustration caused by IT failures is the leading cause of "work rage."
Eighty percent of respondents said that problems with IT increased their stress
levels, and 84 percent said that such failures affected their productivity.


"It’s game over for
independent ISPs."

–Maura Colleton Corbett, executive
director of the Washington D.C.-based BroadNet Alliance, on what would happen if
the FCC deregulated the broadband market (click here).

Dirt Gets Digital With
Cyberlaundry Service

part of its Smart Machines program, IBM Corp. and partner USA Technologies Inc.
are rolling out eSuds, a smart-chip system that manages laundry rooms at college
campuses. eSuds lets students swipe smart cards, which could possibly also be
their student ID card, to bill their accounts for washing or drying clothes,
said Norm Korrie, general manager of wireless for the Americas at IBM Global
Services. Meanwhile, eSuds also connects washers and dryers to the Internet,
letting students monitor the status of their wash load or find an empty machine
via the Internet. When the washer finishes or clothes are dry, the student can
receive an e-mail or pager alert. In addition, the owner of the washing machines
would be able to monitor them via the Internet, looking for machines that are
broken or need routine maintenance, Korrie said.

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Connect Support Services Ltd.

IBM Corp.

USA Technologies Inc.

BroadNet Alliance

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