Posted: 2/2003


"Afghanistan has moved
backwards toward the Stone Age at a time when we need to enter the Digital

— Masoom Stanekzai, Minister of
Communications, Afghanistan, at the recent signing of a two-year agreement with
the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to provide emergency support to
war-torn Afghanistan in restoring its heavily damaged telecommunications and
broadcasting infrastructure.

Car Thieves Get a ‘Brake’

new security system that literally stops car thieves in their tracks has been
launched in the United Kingdom. Created in Italy, the I-Mob system uses mobile
phone technology to communicate with a car letting the owner know it has been
stolen. The owner then can key in a code on his mobile phone and the car engine
will automatically cut out the next time the driver stops. A tracker device
working on GPS means the police will be able to locate the car to within two
meters. There is even a way to communicate with the unsuspecting thief using a
mobile phone that goes through a loudspeaker into the car.

Cash for Trash

130 million cellular phones will be retired annually in the United States by
2005, reports INFORM INC. Because of their small size they are more likely to be
thrown in the trash and ultimately pose threats to the environment and public

Wireless Wholesaler RMS
Communications Group Inc. has come up with an alternative that will help the
environment and put a little cash in the wireless users’ pocket. Using their new
website,, consumers
can identify their old cellular phones, determine their value and request a
shipping box with a return postage paid label. The consumer returns the box with
the phones inside, and RMS sends a check within a couple of weeks.

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RMS Communications Group Inc.

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